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Let’s Talk Beauty | | My Favorite Beauty Products

Hi Everyone! First off, thank you for watching my video, it means a lot! If you are new to my channel, hello and welcome! 👋🏼 My name is Logan, I’m 23 and I’m a stay at home, working mom! I have an 8 month old daughter, Harper, who is also my Rainbow baby! 🌈 I have two step sons, Liam who is 5, and Bryce who is 4. In my videos I try to show just my everyday, real life. Motherhood is so challenging and i feel like I show everyone who watches that if they are struggling, you aren’t alone! Again, thank you for watching my video! If you like my videos, make sure to give me a thumbs up 👍🏼, feel free to leave feedback down in the comments, and please subscribe to my channel and stay tuned for more fun videos! 💗💋

Everyday Makeup | Quick and Easy | Do My Makeup With Me

Hey everyone! Welcome to my channel if you’re new! This video is a quick everyday makeup look, it touches base with the basics of how I do My Makeup and what colors I usually lean toward using on an everyday basis. I don’t do my makeup often, but when I do, this is almost exactly how I do it everytime! The makeup products I use are: •Elf or B.B. Cream Foundation •Elf Powder •Wet and Wild Blush •Ulta Eyeshadow (my fav!!) I usually use the nude pallets •L’Oréal Mascara and Eyeliner •L’Oréal Lipstick •Mary Kay Lip Gloss Thank you guys for watching and I hope you enjoyed my video! Make sure to give it a thumbs up, subscribe to my channel and feel free to leave any comments! I’ll see y’all in my next video! Bye guys! 👋🏼

Walmart and Aldi Grocery Haul | Family Of 5

Hey guys! Thanks for watching my video! This video is a Walmart and Aldi grocery haul. I got non food items all from Walmart, but all of the food is from Aldi! We are a family of 5 on basically one income (I don’t make enough to even consider it income), and this haul all together was right at $125! WOW! Ikr. Lol I got SO much stuff for so cheap—this is why I love shopping at Aldi! Make sure if you guys like my video, give it a thumbs up and feel free to leave a comment! Also subscribe to my channel to see more hauls and other videos! Thank y’all so much for watching and I’ll see you on my next video! 💋


Hey guys! This video is just a quick clean with me while I clean my kitchen! It was such a mess because I haven’t cleaned it in a few days! Thank you guys so much for watching! Make sure to like, comment and subscribe to my channel before you leave! I’ll see y’all in my next video! 💋

Toddler/Baby Clothing Haul | UNDER $10!!! 😳😲🤗

Hey guys! Welcome to my channel! This video is a Clothing Haul for my kiddos! Liam needed jeans super bad and Harper has grown so much all the clothes that will fit her this Spring are the wrong season!! So these were must haves for us! I did trade some clothes in so my total pay for this Haul was only 8 DOLLARS!! How awesome is that?? I got: •2 Pairs of Jeans •2 BRAND NEW Button up short sleeves for the boys •1 T Shirt •4 Outfits for Harper.. that’s right FOUR!!! •1 dressy shirt for Harper This was awesome for only spending $8!! My total before my trade ins was $43!! Totally awesome! Anyways, thank y’all for watching this Haul video! Make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel before you leave! Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think! 💋💋💋 Bye guys!

Hey guys!

This video is the homemaker tag that I was tagged to do by my sister in law Madison from mamamadi! This is the link to her channel!


I Tag:
Rhiannon | RhiandBabyD
Alison | alisonhenderson

1. Has anyone ever said anything negative about you stay home/working from home?
2. What is your favorite/least favorite part about staying home?
3.What is your favorite/least favorite chore?
4. What time do you wake up/go to bed?
5. Do you put anything on in the background while you clean/cook/work? (Tv, radio, podcast, etc.)
6. Do you get dressed most days or stay in your pjs?
7. How often do you do your hair/makeup?
8. What is your “trouble area” or area of your home that needs the most work?
9. How often do you find yourself getting distracted?
10. So you enjoy staying home or do you miss going to work everyday?
11. What is your “never ending” chore?
12. What is your favorite way to relax or have “me” time?
13. How often does your husband/SO chip in?
14. (if you have kids) When do you find time to do chores?
15. How do you balance being a home maker and creating YouTube content?
16. What is your favorite room in your home and why?
17. What is your least favorite room in your home and why?
18. Do you feel your home reflects your personal style? Why/why not?
19. What does your home smell like?
20. What is your strong point and your weak point when it comes to homemaking?

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