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Kisekae [] Animation [] [] Meme [] [] flipaclip [] New Oc: Spirit Kami

Original : Inspiration : Name : Spirit Kami Age:18 Birthday : July 13 Likes: Sea food, the color gray, sleeping, doing nothing, eating, flirting, nights and Ramen Dislikes : the hospital, mornings, and cake Personality : corky, night owl, silly, lazy, and outgoing (The scars on hims hands and body are from people throwing rocksat him or hitting him with objects cause he was different. ) A bit of a back story : Spirits mom was a fallin angel and his dad was a demom ( i know super edgy) He was born and raised on earth by his beloved mother in a small house far from any town. His mother was very over protective about him because of what he is and what hes able to do. (Btw if you don't know what i mean by fallen angel i mean that she was kicked out of heaven and was forced to forever stay on earth as an angel whom has sinned)she never let him go out and play and be a normal kid. One day he snuck out at night while his mother was sleeping and went to play with these boys he found. The boys found Spirit odd and made fun of him. He became angry and transformed into a discusting creature. The boys ran off crying and he was scared. His mother found him out side in those conditions and ran him home. Soon the police was involved and they had to leave there life behind. His mother was soon forgiven for her sins and brought back to heaven by force. spirit was left alone from the age 15 to 17. Techno found him in a small home in the forest and welcomed him into her home gladly. He was very clingy to techno for many reasons. She reminded him of his mothet so he swore to pretect her no matter what even if it means his life. ( if you are not religious you dont have to think of him the way i do, im not crazy religious i just found it quite fun and interesting to make him this way. )

Shine a light [] Animatic [] [] oc [] Black shojo ( musical : Heathers )

How do you love someone [] Animation [] (Oc) Ruby and Ray (Flipaclip )

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MLP Equestria Girls Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry Animation - Help People In Rain

MLP Equestria Girls Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry Animation - Help People In Rain Thank you for watching! Please Subcribe for New video! Contact us at youtube channel Music: Youtube Free Library

Song : Baby shoes by: Gravybaot

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