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Gaming on a Tablet using a GTX 1080!!

Dave2D review of the Asus Transformer 3 Pro. Similar to a Surface Pro but with a Thunderbolt 3 port for an external GTX 1080 GPU! Blue Keyboard - http://amzn.to/2jnYXvg (Customized) Purchase here - http://amzn.to/2iA6Lcn Desktop Wallpaper Download: http://i.imgur.com/wuf2UO5.jpg Music Credits: Intro: Matanoll - Clearness (Robotaki Remix) Background: Fili - Dollar for My Thoughts Follow me: http://twitter.com/Dave2Dtv http://www.instagram.com/Dave2Dtv

Lenovo Miix 2 (8 inch) freezing touchscreen repair: Step by Step

Lenovo Miix 2 touchscreen freezing repair.

Odys Winbook 14

Some history: handheld video game consoles (Nintendo, Atari, Nec, Sega, SNK, Sony,...)

Chronological order: 1979: MicroVision (MB) 1980: Game & Watch (Nintendo) 1989: Lynx (Atari) 1989: Game Boy (Nintendo) 1990: Gamate (Bit Corp) 1990: TurboExpress (Nec) 1991: Lynx II (Atari) 1991: GameGear (Sega) 1995: Nomad (Sega) 1996: Game Boy Pocket (Nintendo) 1997: Game.com (Tiger) 1998: Game Boy Light (Nintendo) 1998: Game Boy Color (Nintendo) 1998: Neo-Geo Pocket (SNK) 1999: Neo-Geo Pocket Color (SNK) 1999: WonderSwan (Bandai) 2000: WonderSwan Color (Bandai) 2001: Pokemon Mini (Nintendo) 2001: Game Boy Advance (Nintendo) 2002: GP32 (Game Park) 2002: SwanCrystal (Game Park) 2003: N-Gage (Nokia) 2003: Zodiac 1 & 2 (Tapwave) 2003: Game Boy Advance SP (Nintendo) 2004: N-Gage QD (Nokia) 2004: DS (Nintendo) 2004: Gizmondo (Tiger Telematics) 2004: PSP (Sony) 2005: Game Boy Micro (Nintendo) 2005: GP2X (Game Park) 2006: DS Lite (Nintendo) 2007: PSP Slim & Lite (Sony) 2008: DSi (Nintendo) 2008: PSP 3000 (Sony) 2009: GP2X Wiz (Game Park) 2009: DSi XL (Nintendo) 2009: PSP Go (Sony) 2010: GP2X Caanoo (Game Park) 2011: PSP Street (Sony) 2011: 3DS (Nintendo) 2011: PS Vita (Sony) 2012: 3DS XL (Nintendo)


In this video you will get info how to fix your windows 8 or 8.1 tablet after you lost partitions and even lost your recovery partition . You will however need a install iso file of Windows 8.1 to create a bootable USB stick also a OTG cable and a USB hub , mouse keyboard , and the drivers of the Tablet , they should be on the makers website , my Acer is well supported. The rest you se in the video , but it's a piece of cake and everyone can do it. For the bootable USB check my list HOW TO CREATE A BOOTABLE WINDOWS 8 USB STICK. f you have no Windows 8.1 check Microsoft and get the Windows 8.1 Enterprise Free for 90 day's ..enough to play with right ? Good luck Video Channel48 By Puck Darlington © 2015

Leading|Ideal Gaming Tablets 2017.
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Action 1: Figure out just what your needs are.
What do you have to do on this tablet computer? Are you wanting to enjoy movies? Shop it in your purse? Kind files? Review posts? Use photoshop? Does it need a key-board? A stylus? A Cam? Just like smartphones as well as laptops, there are a ton of differently sized tablet computers on the marketplace with a differing collection of abilities. Identify exactly what issues most to you as well as write it down. What you need your tablet to do will totally establish what design you get. Your decisions here will influence everything that is to come.
Step 2: Pick an os.
Android and iOS (iPad) have dominated the tablet scene in the last few years, but the Windows tablet category is expanding. There are also some good tablet computers provided by Amazon.com and also a few others that run greatly customized versions of Android. Here's a short look at the difference in between the systems:.
Android: Created by Google, Android has a robust applications and also content market called Google Play as well as features a massive suite of solutions from Google consisting of Google Currently, Hangouts, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Maps, cost-free turn-by-turn navigating (our fave), YouTube, Google Photos, Chrome Web Browser, Google Drive, Play Songs, and much more. Primarily, if you like Google services, Android is an excellent option for you. Although much of these solutions are also offered on iphone and also other systems, the assimilation is smoothest on Android.
Android also flaunts assistance for numerous customer log-ins, which comes in handy if you desire a family members tablet for everyone to share. As well as it's very personalized. The most recent variation of the platform, Android 5.0 Lollipop, is slick, stylish, and really easy to use, however not every tablet computer will certainly be running it (most are still running Android 4.4 KitKat). Sadly, the selection of applications made to especially take advantage of tablets on Android is lacking. There's no department between Android smart device applications as well as Android tablet computer applications, so the high quality of the experience can depend upon whether the developer has maximized for tablet display screens. On the bonus side, if you've currently purchased an Android application for your phone, you will not need to pay again to obtain it for your tablet.
Leading|Best Gaming Tablets 2017.

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