How to make a Chill Remix for any song in FL Studio (2018)

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BEST way to make a LO-FI beat

In this video I show how I made a Lo-Fi hip hop beat. This beat was made using Ableton Live, but these techniques can be used on any DAW such as FL studio, Logic Pro X, Cubase, Reason, Pro Tools, etc. Producer Kits and Merchandise: ------------------------------- Social Media ► Twitter: ► Instagram: ► Snapchat: ► Soundcloud: ------------------------------- ALL the equipment I use: My monitors: My interface: My midi keyboard: My other midi keyboard: My hard drive: My other hard drive: My camera: My camera lens: My camera mic: ------------------------------- ► EMAIL: ------------------------------- Some techniques in this video may include: Transposing in Ableton, Time warping in Ableton, adding drums in ableton, how to organize in ableton, 808's in ableton, how to use the drum rack in ableton, how to add a bass line in ableton, etc.

7 Producer HACKS in 5 MINUTES (FL Studio 12)

Just some really helpful techniques I use a lot. A bunch of you are saying you want a part 2.. I will most likely make one! But you have to subscribe other wise you might miss it! Check out my new official remix! WHO AM I??? Soundcloud: Instagram: The program I used to make the music is called FL Studio 12:

HOW TO MAKE: Remixes - FL Studio tutorial

▼ In this tutorial I will show you how you can remix every song in FL Studio! Song of tutorial: Please leave a like and share this video! :) ► Welcome on The Producer Schooll! We are a channel that learns you how to produce music in FL Studio! __ ► Questions, or suggestions? Comment below! ↓ ► News? Follow us on: ▼ Instagram: ▼ Twitter: ▼ SoundCloud: __ - SoundCloud: - SoundCloud: Intro Song:

Returning from the moon | Pyanier Studio Chill

Chill mix by Pyanier Studio

How To Remix Any Song In FL Studio

How To Remix Any Song In FL Studio ____ Just showing people how to work with songs and acapellas in order to remix them. Soundcloud: Email:

How to make a chill Remix for any song using FL Studio.
I share a few tips that will help you remix any song you hear on the radio, which will help you become a better producer.

To listen to the full remix - go here:

In this video, I share with you tips I use to make a commercial chill remix (similar to what you'll hear on chill nation) that will make it on to youtube playlists, spotify playlists, etc.

Before we continue, this record is available for download on my website:

What I did in this video was make a chill remix to Purity ring's sea castle and add subtle minimalist elements to make the drops and layers give new life to the song.

I give tips on how to make an original chill remix and how I go about doing so.

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I used Fl Studio to make the beat - ask a question in the comments if you have any.


Important notes:
This beat/remix was made for educational purposes based on the history of music and hip-hop in general.
Hip-hop was built on sampling music and this art-form of sampling has been embraced by many genres.

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