WENDY WILLIAMS cancels her program for a strong FLU

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Wendy Williams Husband CAUGHT Again With Side Chick After Wendy's Health Scare

Wendy Williams cant seem to catch a break. On Halloween she fainted live on TV from what she is saying was dehydration. Others thought it could have been from stress. Well a little over a week since that incident, Wendy Williams is in the news again but this time because her husband Kevin Hunter was caught again with his sidechick Sharina Hudson and he was seen picking Sharina up in the same care that he picked Wendy up in. Whats the tea?

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Wendy Williams Returns to Show After Flu-Like Symptoms: Watch

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Why did Wendy Williams Canceled Valentine’s Day Show?

Wendy Williams Cancels Valentine’s Day Show Wendy Williams normally has her talk show every single weekday, but it turns out that she had to cancel her Valentine’s Day show. Us Weekly shared the news that Wendy is actually feeling pretty bad about this decision. She actually canceled all of her shows for the rest of the week, but the Valentine’s Day one sounds like it was the hardest one for her not to do. Wendy always enjoys being there to do her shows. It turns out that she is sharing that she has flu-like symptoms, but doesn’t actually have the flu. Wendy has to be feeling pretty bad not to do her show. She admitted that, if she were to rate how sickly she’s feeling on a scale of one to five, she’s “not even a four.” It turns out that she had to be talked out of going to work that day and that the best thing for her was to stay home. Wendy has since announced plans to visit her doctor to know exactly what’s wrong with her health. Wendy Williams says that in the last 10 years, she hasn’t had to take a day off for being sick. She admits that she did take vacations now and then, but never took sick days. It had to take a lot of convincing to get Wendy Williams to take these days off work. Back in 2017, Wendy actually fainted on air and that scared a lot of people. She overheated in the costume that she was wearing at the time. Maybe she realized after that it was best to take care of herself a little bit better. She was smart to take the time off to get better. She will have several days plus the weekend to get back on her feet again before going to work. Fans are hopeful that Wendy Williams will be back on next week. Everyone wants to see her on The Wendy Williams Show again soon. It sounds like Wendy will be back next week no matter what. Hopefully after seeing the doctor she will have some good news.

Wendy Williams had to cancel her show on the 14th of February due to the flu according to reports. A spokesperson speaking on her behalf said that “Wendy will air a repeat tomorrow” due to her “flu-like symptoms.”

As you may know, Williams has suffered health problems before. The 53-year-old talk-show host fainted during her live Halloween show on the 31st of October.

When the host was bringing out her contestants dressed as the Statue Of Liberty, she fell to the ground, and everyone freaked out after realizing it wasn’t staged. Williams said to Amy Roach on ABC News that it wasn’t a stunt and she overheated in her costume and passed out.

The crew and security allegedly thought it was all part of her act because she looked “bug-eyed,” but she really was overheating. The host explained she is always playing jokes and pranks so naturally, everyone thought it was just another joke.

Williams admitted she was a “woman of a particular age,” and is going through menopause, so things aren’t always as easy as they used to be.

During her chat with Amy, she stated, “they thought it was a part of something, so nobody came out until I hit the ground. Then, oh my gosh, chaos ensued. The studio audience went wild.”

Wendy said she fainted because she was overheated and suffering from dehydration. When she bought the costume – which was fitted like a catsuit – she didn’t think it would be so hot.

But under the studio lights and especially while filming it got incredibly warm. Following Wendy’s episode on air, she went to her doctors where they confirmed her suspicion: too hot and too little liquids.

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