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Breaking News - Hoda Kotb looks back at her first year as a mom to Haley

Nearly a year after she adopted her baby girl, Haley Joy, Hoda Kotb is opening up about her life as a mom and the unforgettable moment she held her daughter for the first time.The 53-year-old anchor announced she had adopted a little girl on the Today show in late February, just a few weeks after her 'Valentine's day baby' was born. Over the past year, Hoda has been raising little Haley with her longtime partner, financier Joel Shiffman.'If I had to describe my year in one word, it would be rebirth, because I feel like my life started in 2017,' she told Today. 'I feel like I had a life before, but I don't remember it, and it seems incredibly insignificant compared to what happened in 2017.'Hoda explained that the experiences she has had this year has helped her figure out what matters in life and 'what love really is.'The mother-of-one said her favorite memory is when she went to pick up Haley for the first time. Hoda explained that she hadn't met her daughter yet, but she felt like she 'always knew her.'Hoda said she was waiting in a room when she heard her daughter crying, and when they opened the door a woman walked in and handed Haley to her.'Literally, when they put her in my arms, it was like the missing piece,' she said. 'Without hesitation. She fit. I wept so hard that I worried they thought I was crazy.'That moment was the moment my heart felt at peace. I felt the most peaceful I've ever felt in my life right then, and every day since.'Although she is over the moon about being a mom, Hoda noted that she has bad days just like any other parent.Hoda recalled bringing her daughter downstairs when she was crying and having to deal with her dog knocking over a picture that shattered on the floor. She then realized the pup had gone the bathroom on the floor.Haley was wailing, and she needed to get her a bottle, but glass was in the way and the dog was barking. Hoda couldn't let him out because she was by herself in the house, and in the midst of the stressful moment she reminded herself just how much she wanted this.'I said to myself, "I would have begged for this day a year ago." Every moment is a great moment for me,' Hoda said. 'I know motherhood has its trappings, but when you've waited as long as I have for it, you don't think about that.'Hoda admitted that becoming a mom was nothing like she thought it would be, explaining that she had no idea what she was missing in her life because she had a 'great family, great friends, a great boyfriend, and a great job' before she adopted Haley.'I didn't realize how much of a hole I had in my heart, that only she could fill. It's like a Haley-sized hole got filled. And she did it in one second,' the mom said.'Now, she's the cure. To everything that ails me, she's the cure. It doesn't even matter what the problem is. I've never looked at someone and felt all my problems melt away.'I didn't even know that emotion was possible. I didn't know any of these emotions were possible. I thought I understood l AutoNews- Source:

Hoda Kotb’s Baby Haley Joy Joins TODAY For A Sweet Mother’s Day Surprise! | TODAY

Hoda Kotb’s mom, Sami Kotb, joins TODAY with a big Mother’s Day surprise for viewers: It’s Hoda’s new baby, Haley Joy, live in the studio! “I’m so happy,” Hoda says joyfully as she passes her baby to Savannah Guthrie. See Haley Joy make her live TV debut! » Subscribe to TODAY: » Watch the latest from TODAY: About: TODAY brings you the latest headlines and expert tips on money, health and parenting. We wake up every morning to give you and your family all you need to start your day. If it matters to you, it matters to us. We are in the people business. Subscribe to our channel for exclusive TODAY archival footage & our original web series. Connect with TODAY Online! Visit TODAY's Website: Find TODAY on Facebook: Follow TODAY on Twitter: Follow TODAY on Google+: Follow TODAY on Instagram: Follow TODAY on Pinterest: Hoda Kotb’s Baby Haley Joy Joins TODAY For A Sweet Mother’s Day Surprise! | TODAY

Hoda Kotb's Daughter Haley Joy Makes Her TV Debut on 'Today' Ahead of Mother's Day

Hoda's newborn daughter is the cutest thing we've seen all day!

Hoda Kotb ‘Couldn’t Wait’ to Dress up Daughter Haley Joy as a Pumpkin Ahead of Her First Halloween

Hoda Kotb is so ready to celebrate daughter Haley Joy‘s first Halloween! The Today show anchor, 53, dressed her 8-month-old in a baby plush pumpkin costume as seen in a mother-daughter photo shared on Instagram and Twitter Thursday. In February, the mother of one — who moved in with her boyfriend, Joel Schiffman, last year — revealed that she adopted Haley Joy, who was born on Valentine’s Day. “It’s one of those things where you think you’ve done it all, you think you’ve felt it all. But I just didn’t know that this kind of love existed,” Kotb told NEWS exclusively in March of welcoming Haley Joy into her life. Since adopting her daughter, Kotb has been a proud mom, sharing photos frequently of her friends, many from the Today show, meeting her baby. Kotb told NEWS in June that since her daughter’s arrival her life has changed completely. “There’s a line of demarcation: before Haley and after Haley,” she said. “Every day after Haley is better than every single day before.”

Hoda Kotb's Daughter Haley Joy Makes Her 'Today' Debut

Hoda Kotb's daughter, Haley Joy, made her 'Today' show debut on Friday, May 12. Watch her first TV moment! | Subscribe for more:

Hoda Kotb may be thousands of miles away from her daughter covering the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea, for NBC, but that’s not stopping her from celebrating Haley Joy’s first birthday. The Today anchor shared incredibly sweet photos and videos celebrating Haley’s big day on social media this week, as she revealed that the family commemorated the milestone before she left for PyeongChang last week.

Hoda kicked off the celebration on Instagram by sharing an adorable video of the Kotb family singing “Happy Birthday” to Haley, who turns one on Valentine’s Day.

Posting about her daughter’s big day on Korean time, which is 14 hours ahead of New York, Kotb then gushed about her daughter, who she adopted last year, in the caption.

“It’s already Valentine’s Day in South Korea and I am missing my Valentine’s baby!” the anchor wrote alongside the adorable birthday video, confirming to fans that she and her family celebrated before she left for the Olympics.

“Admittedly I could have been a bit better [with] camera placement,” she then joked of the clip, which showed Haley sitting in her high-chair as her mom presented her with a cake – which appeared to have been baked and decorated by Hoda herself.

Kotb then followed up her initial video by posting a few photos from their celebration a few days ago, including a close up of the cake and two sweet family photos of her holding her daughter as she tried to taste the dessert.

Fans then left hundreds of sweet messages for the mom of one in the comments section, gushing about her now one-year-old daughter.

“Dang! Time flies!! No way! Happy Birthday, Baby girl!” wrote one fan after seeing the clip and various photos of Haley turning one a few days early. “So happy for you and your momma! I just adore you, Hoda!”

“Aweee. Happy Birthday Beautiful loved baby,” another told the Today anchor in the comments. “You have brightened your mom & dad’s life, as well as so many others.”

Hoda’s peek into her very first birthday celebration for Haley came shortly after she and co-host Savannah Guthrie opened up about the difficulties of being away from their children while covering the Winter Olympics in Asia, as Kotb shared a video of her daughter helping her pack for her trip on February 9.

Hoda revealed that, despite missing Haley’s first birthday as she was away for work, she was making the most of her time at the Winter Olympics and has been focusing on her job.

“I think if you feel at all depressed, or turned off by what’s happening in your life… all you have to do is look into the eyes of a 17-year-old kid who just made history, or whose life changed, or who achieved a dream, because he worked so hard,” Hoda told Entertainment Tonight when asked about the difficulties of being thousands of miles away from home.

“Or a young lady who was scared before she hit the ice and she finally had all this confidence up,” Hoda continued. “It just makes you believe in things that are good and right and joyful.”

Kotb – who was announced as Matt Lauer’s permanent Today replacement back in January – confirmed on the NBC morning program back in February 2017 that she had officially adopted Haley with boyfriend Joel Schiffman.

“That little girl, Haley Joy — I’m crying — is my daughter,” Kotb said of her decision to become a mom one year ago, per CNN. “I adopted her, and you can hear her, that’s her crying. She’s a Valentine’s baby. She’s a little nugget. She is the love of my life.”

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