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How to Spot a Genuine Swingman Jersey NBA Kyrie Irving

This video will help you identify a genuine NBA Swingman jersey. There are a lot of sellers out there on Amazon, eBay, or other stores that will advertise Swingman jerseys and sell them for $30-$100, but then they send you a fake Chinese jersey. Don't be scammed. After this video you'll know what to look for in a real or fake Swingman jersey. To insure that you get a genuine jersey, buy from Adidas or Nike retailers such as the NBA store, team shops, Lids, Dick's Sporting Goods, etc. You might get a fake jersey if you buy from Amazon, eBay, Craigslist, Facebook groups, etc. You absolutely WILL get a fake jersey if you buy from DHGate, Aliexpress, Chinese sites, Russian sites, fake but real sounding websites, etc. If you aren't buying from a reliable store and the jersey is $30 it is HIGHLY likely you're getting a fake jersey. Now some fake jerseys aren't so bad and if that's your thing, go nuts and buy fake jerseys. However, don't pay more than $15-$20 for a fake one. You're getting ripped off if you pay more than that.

NBA Jersey Size Comparison | AliExpress DHGate | Análise das Regatas NBA

E aí pessoal! Nesse vídeo segue algumas dúvidas que o pessoal comenta no canal e também me perguntam pessoalmente das jerseys da NBA vendidas na China: AliExpress/DH Gate. Os tamanhos são corretos? O Tecido e a qualidade são bons? Então segue aí! Confira! OBRIGADO AOS INSCRITOS DO CANAL E SE VOCÊ AINDA NÃO É..... . Inscreva-se! Hello fans of basketball! In this video I answer some people's doubts that had commented in our channel and also asked me personally about the NBA jerseys sold in China: AliExpress or Dh Gate: Do the jerseys fit well? Are the fabric and quality good? So, watch the video! Check it out! THANKS TO ALL THE CHANNEL'S SUBSCRIBERS AND IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN, YET...PLEASE.. . Subscribe! --------------------------------------- UNBOXINGS: Minhas Jerseys, Confira !!! My Jerseys, Check Them Out !!! Kobe Bryant #8 - Los Angeles Lakers https://youtu.be/3qW7l3sE3O0 Reggie Miller #31 - Indiana Pacers https://youtu.be/mzjk582PtUc Michael Jordan #23 - Washington Bullets https://youtu.be/DbYjBPODEQs Kawhi Leonard #2 - San Antonio Spurs https://youtu.be/u-ViAX4NREc Kyrie Irving #2 - Cleveland Cavaliers https://youtu.be/uOVEOiQGhjg Michael Jordan #23 - Tune Squad https://youtu.be/uOVEOiQGhjg Shawn Kemp #40 - Seattle SuperSonics https://youtu.be/_tkoGkGnKRE Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway #1 - Orlando Magic https://youtu.be/hX_yndR7Ir0 Grant Hill #33 - Detroit Pistons https://youtu.be/O1Bak-8GFuA Kobe Bryant #8 - Los Angeles Lakers - Yellow https://youtu.be/zn-O3ewjDcI Dirk Nowitzki #41 - Dallas Mavericks https://youtu.be/bXc5XdWwl_8 Kevin Garnett #5 - Boston Celtics https://youtu.be/Ul70YyiRT84 Allen Iverson #3 - Philadelphia 76ers - Kids https://youtu.be/wXArjvGs_uk Charles Barkley #34 - Phoenix Suns https://youtu.be/1J8RJGO73Ao Vince Carter #15 - Toronto Raptors https://youtu.be/D9r3cspvZOM --------------------------------------- Basketball Fans Social Network Visit/Visite my Facebook Page ;-) Curta...Enjoy. https://www.facebook.com/BasketballFans15/ Snapchat: eduschuarz

DHgate Review of New Nike Lebron Jersey

My first jersey review from DHgate, the Lebron James home jersey. Sizing is american so I would recommend purchasing your usual size. ------------------------------------ Seller: fine_jersey

Dhgate Jersey Haul , Kyrie, Chelsea , Dodgers

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Picked up this jersey from aliexpress, most sellers have switched to dhgate though so check that site out if you're interested. Picked it up for about $20 with free shipping

Alixpress Karl Anthony Towns KAT Replica Jersey Timberwolves
DHGate Karl Anthony Towns KAT Replica Timberwolves Jersey

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