How To EASILY Repair Holes In Aluminum

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how to weld aluminum at home

Alumiweld rods from harbor fright surface must be clean a stainless steel wire brush works the best

Aluminum Welding Brazing and Soldering with a Hand Held Torch Super Alloy 1 and Super Alloy 5. Super Alloy 1 is a 350°F aluminum alloy. This solder flows at such a low temperature, it can even be used with a heat gun on small aluminum parts. Indirect heat is recommended. In addition to aluminum, Super Alloy 1 rod and flux will bond to many other metals without distortion to the parent metal. Super Alloy 5 is a 600°F brazing rod that bonds aluminum at weld strength. This rod and flux work synergistically, and the unique flux acts as an absolute temperature guide--turning to a liquid as it removes seen and unseen contaminates at working temperature. Super Alloy 5 works well on thin aluminum as well as thicker castings. (An oxyacetylene torch should be used on heavier aluminum and cast aluminum). Always wear eye protection and keep your head out of the fume zone. Please read all instructions prior to use at: For more videos and information, or to order, visit International customers, please order at: _________________ Please visit prior to using Muggy Weld products, and adhere to all AWS welding safety guidelines. Further product safety information is available at Muggy Weld LLC shall not be liable for any loss, injury, claim, liability, or damage of any kind resulting in any way from (a) your use of this Site, (b) any services or products obtained from this Site, (c) any errors in or omissions from this Site, (d) the unavailability or interruption of this Site or any features thereof, (e) any content contained on this Site. MSDS sheets available with purchase from, upon request.

Geothermal University - Aluminum MCHX Repair Procedure

This video from Delphi shows the procedure for repairing an all-aluminum microchannel air coil in the field or shop.

Cheap DIY Aluminum Repairs With Alumaloy Alumaloy behaves like solder does. You heat up the metal that you are adhering the alumaloy (or solder) to and melt the alumaloy over the hot surface. Technically it isn't welding. The aluminum cools with a strong air-tight bond. Playlist of similar videos Other videos: Advanced Relay Tutorial: Turn Signal Integrated Parking Lights (Example 4) 3-Point Strut Brace Installation GTFour Conversion Reset Toyota Maintenance Light EMS Tuning Walkthrough playlist:

How to "Weld" Aluminum for Beginners

A beginner's guide to "welding" (brazing) aluminum with alumiweld rods. Get the alumiweld rods shown in this video: Support See Jane Drill by shopping for tools on Amazon through our link: Channel: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Email us: Disclaimer: Due to factors beyond the control of See Jane Drill, we cannot guarantee against improper use or unauthorized modifications of this information. See Jane Drill assumes no liability for property damage or injury incurred as a result of any of the information contained in these videos. Use this information at your own risk. See Jane Drill recommends safe practices when working with tools seen or implied in our video and written content. Due to factors beyond the control of See Jane Drill, no information contained on this youtube channel, Facebook page, website and Twitter page shall create any expressed or implied warranty or guarantee of any particular result. Any injury, damage, or loss that may result from improper use of these tools, equipment, or from the information contained in this content is the sole responsibility of the user and not See Jane Drill.

Learn how simple it is to repair holes in aluminum plates and pots using a quality aluminum brazing rod like Alumite brand. Using a clean stainless steel brush just before initial brazing is essential for excellent results. Not removing oxidation/corrosion will result in a very poor repair.

Alumite & Alumaloy brazing rods BOTH work great. Please refer to the link posted below if you're interested in purchasing these rods:

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My other excellent aluminum repair video is here:

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