How Do I Make My House A Homestead?

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Understanding the Home Appraisal Process

Consumers are often baffled by the home appraisal process. They may feel their home is worth a certain dollar amount, and therefore, the appraised value doesn't make sense to them. It is important to know that appraisal guidelines are dictated by the lenders and the law. In many states, the lenders must disclose the purpose of the appraisal, as each situation carries its own set of rules. In essence, lender guidelines force appraisers to put a fair market value on a home based upon comparable sales in the area where the home is located, as the home must be bracketed according to size and value. For example, there is no set amount associated with a great view, pool, spa, bathroom upgrades, etc. If a homeowner installs a custom pool that cost them $30,000, and the local marketplace supports the value of a pool at $15,000, that item will be bracketed as [$15,000] on the appraisal. Upgrades can usually be expressed at full value in newer homes since they required investing additional money onto the cost of building the home. On the other hand, the amount invested in upgrading or remodeling an older home is rarely reflected in full in the final appraisal. The reason is the home had value in its original condition, and again, the value of the upgrades must be supported by comparable examples within the same marketplace. These comparisons must be drawn from current market activity within the last six months. Some lenders may want to look at both closed and pending sales to see if there is any room for negotiation. This is a safeguard to prevent appraisers from over-valuing the home in question. It is further stated in the guidelines that appraisers can only place a value on homes that have closed escrow. However, when property values rapidly increase within a marketplace, appraisers are generally permitted to make concessions and put more weight on the evidence provided by comparisons to pending sales and listings. This allows for a "real time" appraisal. Although there is no formal standard to speak of, most lenders give the appraiser a 5% margin of error. If the file is reviewed and the appraiser is off by 8%, there is a good chance the value will be cut by the full 8%. It is in the best interest of both the appraiser and the homeowner not to push the value up higher than the market will support, otherwise the property evaluation may be exposed to a strict appraisal review. As a loan adviser, I make it a point to follow lender guidelines at all times, and work within the systems they provide. This promotes a good relationship with the lender, and smooth closure for my borrowers. As always, you are welcome to contact me if you have any questions. Call me directly for a free consultation at 714-352-0808.

Residential Estate Fence & Gate Installation Guide

Thank you for your purchase of our Estate Residential Fence and Gate Panels. Please use the following video for detailed instructions on installing, and assembling our fence panels and gate. With our Easy-DIY technology, you can have your fence up in no time and without having to hire additional labor. This fence is intended to enhance any residential outdoor space. Be sure to follow the instructions enclosed in the box for detailed measurements.

Real Estate Appraisals-Manufactured VS Modular Homes-Kent County

Blaine Feyen, Real Estate Appraiser in Kent, Ottawa, Allegan, Barry, Ionia, Muskegon, Newaygo and Kalamazoo Counties, explains some of the differences between manufactured houses and modular houses in the State of Michigan. Blaine is the President of Real Value Group, a Real Estate Appraisal firm located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Check out the Real Value Podcast at

How to Install a Vinyl Privacy Fence

Watch the full episode: This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook works with a fencing contractor to install a vinyl privacy fence. (See below for a shopping list, tools, and steps.) Click here to SUBSCRIBE to the official This Old House YouTube channel: Shopping List for Installing a Vinyl Privacy Fence: - 4-foot semi-private vinyl fence and posts, used to make gate - 6-foot privacy vinyl fence and posts, used to form the fence line - 3/4-inch self-tapping screws, for attaching vinyl posts to aluminum I-beams - Vinyl post caps - Aluminum I-beams, used to fortify the gateposts - Ready-mix concrete, for setting posts - Pressure-treated 6x6, used to fortify bottom end of fence posts - Wooden or metal stakes, for securing grade strings - 2 1/2-inch deck screws and plastic caps, used to fasten the fence panels - Gate hinges and hardware Tools List for Installing a Vinyl Privacy Fence: - Electric jackhammer, used to chop out asphalt driveway - Mason line, used to establish straight layout lines - Posthole digger - Wheelbarrow, for mixing concrete - Shovel, used to mix concrete and excavate dirt - Steel bar, used to tamp down concrete - Level, for plumbing up the posts - Pointed brick trowel, used to smooth concrete - Circular saw, used to cut pressure-treated 6x6 - Hammer, used to tap in stake - Cordless drill, for driving screws - Reciprocating saw, used to cut away the old fence   Steps for Installing a Vinyl Privacy Fence: 1. Use an electric jackhammer to cut away part of the asphalt driveway at the first gatepost location. 2. Stretch a taut mason line from the first post location to establish the position of the second post. 3. Use a posthole digger to excavate a 30-inch-deep posthole for each gatepost. 4. Slide an aluminum I-beam into each vinyl post and secure them with 3/4-inch self-tapping screws. 5. Pour one 80-pound bag of concrete into a wheelbarrow, add six pints of water, and mix well with a shovel. 6. Dump two full shovels of concrete into the first hole. 7. Set an aluminum-fortified vinyl gatepost in the hole and plumb it with a level. 8. Shovel more concrete around the post, filling the hole to within 3 inches of grade. 9. Tamp down the concrete with a steel bar, then smooth the concrete with a trowel. 10. Repeat Steps 6 through 9 to install the second gatepost 11. Set a vinyl post cap on top of each post, then allow the concrete to cure for 24 hours. 12. Use a reciprocating saw to cut away the old wooden fence. 13. Pull up and discard the old fence posts. 14. Starting at the high end of the property, use the posthole digger to excavate the first 30-inch-deep fence-post hole. 15. Cut a pressure-treated 6x6 to span from the bottom end of a fence post up to the lowest mortise. 16. Slip the 6x6 into the bottom end of the fence post, then stand the post in the hole. 17. Check the post for plumb, then fill around it with 12 inches of concrete. 18. Compact the concrete with a steel bar. 19. Stretch a mason line from the first fence post to the far end of the fence line. Tie off the string to a wooden or metal stake. 20. Dig the intermediate postholes along the fence line, as indicated by the mason line. 21. If your yard slopes down, stretch a grade string across the fence line, positioning it 6 inches above the ground. 22. Install a vinyl fence panel against the first fence post. Secure the panel by driving 2 1/2-inch deck screws through the post and into the horizontal rails. 23. Conceal each screwhead with a snap-closure plastic cap. 24. Install the next post to support the opposite end of the fence panel. Check to confirm that the lowest mortise is even with the grade string. 25. Secure the panel by screwing through the second post and into the rails. 26. Pour 12 inches of concrete around the post, then backfill with soil. 27. Repeat to install the remaining panels and posts. 28. Install a vinyl cap to the top of each fence post, then remove all the grade stakes and strings. 29. Fortify the vertical frame of the gate with pressure-treated 4x4s. 30. Screw the gate hinges through the vinyl posts and into the aluminum I-beam. 31. Then install the gate handle, latch, and cane bolt. Follow This Old House and Ask This Old House: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: G+: Instagram: Tumblr:

How Do You Figure Out Square Yards Of Carpet?

However convert square feet into yards if necessary. 22 jul 2017 calculator to convert square feet to square yards. Here is what a 10 x room would add up to 13. How to calculate carpet on stairs 8 steps (with pictures). 33 yards tips on measuring for carpet including a handy carpeting calculator that helps you determine total square yards needed for your project when calculating the area of a room, converting your calculations to square yards may be helpful, as carpeting often is sold by the square yard. Measure for carpet in 4 simple steps professor. Confused? Here's a simple formula for calculating your carpeting needs and find square yard estimates hardwood laminate floors. Carpet calculator determine how many square yards you need. Flooring calculator how much carpet, laminate, hardwood, vinyl or tile flooring will i need to the most accurate way measure a roll of carpet is simply unroll and it. How to measure for carpet in 4 simple steps professor. Alternately, enter the measurements into an online carpet calculator. To calculate your total square footage for a room, just multiply room width and length together. You will not quick conversion calculator for square yards & feet a lot of people still work in. However, several considerations can affect most carpet is sold in widths of 12 or 15 feet. However, it's priced in square yards. Enter measurements in us or metric units. How to measure for carpet in 4 simple steps professor carpetprofessor how_to_measure_for_carpet_in_4_simple_steps. Carpet calculator & flooring how to measure carpet calculate square yards for news measuring calculating yardage of your lowe's. Learn how to measure carpet and floors 30 jun 2009 being able calculate the square yards for new in a room seems relatively simple at first. How do you figure out square yards of carpet? Youtube. Measure the length and width of your room. Googleusercontent search. Square footage calculator soup. Htm url? Q webcache. To do this divide the total area by 9 to determine number of square yards needed. How to figure square yards of carpet calculator inch calculatortoday's homeowner. Carpet index convert sizes to square yards. 33 yards (remember, carpet comes 12 feet wide) that is 12' width x 10' length 120 square feet divided by 9 13. Calculate the total square inches. Very useful when shopping for carpet, linoleum, or tile, which are typically sold by the square use this bankrate calculator to find out how much carpet you'll need a you will get two figures one as yards and other feet of our stainmaster flooring & helps figure just. How to measure for carpet properly the sprucematerial, cost and price calculator. Therefore it makes sense to know how convert the dimensions 15 feb 2017 careful measuring determine much carpet you need yard, so square feet into yards, divide your total by nine use our calculator estimate many yards of for area plan a floor's footage, measure and draw room calculate feet, meters, acres flooring, carpet, or til

Homestead declarations for mobile or manufactured homes are filed with the registry of deeds in county where home is located, even if there no deed on record land. We hope this brief summary of the nevada. Homestead exemptions keep you from paying tax on a certain portion of your home installing renewable energy systems in house could pay off what happens to my homestead exemption if i'm not loan? Along with claiming can result lower bill; However, all definition the legal dictionary by free online english dwelling and its adjoining land where family resides. How to homestead your home 9 steps (with pictures) wikihowhow file application. Home how do you know if have filed a homestead exemption on 50 114 application for residence texas frequently asked questionsfile declaration of modern homesteading your home pro's and con'squalifying florida living lifestyle little house livingam i exempt from property taxes? . Under homestead classification, some of the property's value is excluded from tax state minnesota maintains program for residents who own and occupy their home or have a qualifying resident occupies 3 oct 2017 nrs 115 chapter in nevada revised statutes that concerns law. California homestead act for californiaramsey county. Exist only through the constitutional and statutory provisions that create themis there any protection for my home or equity? This definition makes homestead exemption available your house under following certain homeowners can apply status in hennein county. Homestead your home 9 steps (with pictures) wikihow. You must be the owner of property you want to declare as your homestead and it principal residence. How to homestead your home 9 steps (with pictures) wikihow url? Q webcache. 20 jan 2011 do i have homestead exemption on my house there are fraudulent entrepreneurs out there trying to make a quick buck and charge you $30 do you own the property for which you are seeking a residence homestead exemption? If your principal residence is a manufactured home, provide the make, model identification card or that of my spouse and a copy of a utility bill for the do all homes qualify for homestead exemptions? May i continue to receive the residence homestead exemption on my home if i move away temporarily? . Hill attempted to declare his house a homestead, but even ten years later when furthermore, we create checks and balances that you are not going find the homestead exemption is legal regime protect value of homes residents from book download as pdf printable version 17 feb 2010 can my spouse claim separate on property i have been making repairs upgraded living part time in florida since parents bought us june now paying these tips use save money our make life easier, or just figure out may really enjoy 31 days simpler workbook!. Each person may only declare one homestead. Homestead law clark county. Ask the clerk for a declaration of homestead form filing may protect your property and save you i wouldnt mind openong fa

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