How to make Tropical House! (with only Nexus!)

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How to create a typical Kygo sound/vibe! (Soundcloud exclusive) + FLP

Back again with another tutorial. Thanks for almost 50 likes for the "vocal chop like Kygo" tutorial. FLP with samples: I've created a soundcloud account for better sound quality and for those who want to make some vocals on some of my tracks! Check it out! FINAL RESULT: 2:47 PS: sorry for no mouse :(


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How to make Future Bass! (With vocalchops)

Some of you where missing the vocalchops on the last tutorial so here it is! Final Result: 1:53

How to make an emotional song! (really easy)

Really basic and just one idea ;)


FLP at 20 likes - ORIGINAL SONG : Syn Cole - Miami 82 (Kygo Remix) EVER WANTED TO PRODUCE LIKE KYGO. THOSE SWEET TROPICAL MELODIES WITH PLUCKS AND NICE DROP, BUT DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO MAKE IT. WELL IN THIS VIDEO I WILL TRY TO REMAKE DROP FROM ONE OF HIS TRACKS AND HOPEFULLY YOU WILL LEARN THE PATTERN HE FOLLOWS WHILE MAKING TROPICAL HOUSE MELODIES AND TRACKS. Another of my "REMAKE IN MINUTES - TUTORIAL". ❖ Made on FL Studio, here I will try to remake a kygo drop in literally few minutes. ❖ Obviously I won't be making it from scratch but these tutorials will give you a brief idea on how to replicate the music, patterns and effects. ❖ You can download the FLP to explore even more. ❖ Also it might not sound exactly 100% like the original songs, coz I am a beginner. ❖ Feel free to use my FLP in your own projects. ❖ Leave a thumbs up and subscribe for more such "REMAKE IN MINUTES TUTORIALS". [IMPORTANT] Above tutorial is for educational purposes only. All credits goes to original artists and there music. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About me : 'Osheen' - NOOB PRODUCER FROM INDIA ❖ Instagram : ❖ Facebook : ❖ Twitter : ❖ Sound Cloud : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MADE ON FL STUDIO 12, RECORDED BANDICAM --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

This is how I make basic tropical house tracks! Want FLP-s of my projects?

Final Result: 2:29

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