Crash of cars lag

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The CRAZIEST exhaust-explosive sound/Antilag Backfire Compilation #7

The CRAZIEST exhaust-explosive sound/Antilag Backfire Compilation #7 Newest Compilation of 2017 Summer (August) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Like,Comment And Subscribe For More Videos! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact

How to have continued Exhaust Flames/anti lag in Pixel Car racer

GTA V Lag Fix l Car Shuttering l Specially For Dual Core, Low End PC ✪

Welcome To Grand Theft Auto V (five) lag Fix Method Specially for Dual Core And Low RAM Pc's You can run GTA 5 smoothly on DDR3 Graphic Cards with Low To Med Setting. However Sometime It Lags on High-End Pc's Too Due To Some Software Issues((Just Read The Full Discription Carefully for your Gamesake !) : ) Here Im Using ( Pc Specs ) Windows 7(ultimate) 64Bit Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Dou E7500 @2.93Ghz Proccessor 3 Gb DDR2 RAM which is 2Gb @ 1600mhz and 1Gb @ 800mhz NVIDIA GeForce GT610 2Gb / Shader 5.0 / DDR3 / DX 11.0 / Driver version 361.75 NOTE : The Video is Edited But the Gameplay is in Realtime. This Video Contain Two Gameplays Of GTA 5 ( Before and After The Fix ) Disclaimer - i do not promote to Piracy Please Buy Original Product From Respected Owners ! GTA 5, GTA Five, GTA V, Grand Theft Auto 5, Grand Theft Auto Five, Grand Theft Auto V Owned By Rockstars Games and Rockstars North and I declare That i do not own anything from the Game exept The Fix Method. About The Fix (I Forgot this One ) Im Using Commandline.txt In Game Root Folder See it Below to know how to do it ! Please Use Latest Graphics Driver ( Recommended ) because latest games are Optimzed to latest Graphics Drivers does'nt matter if Its NVIDIA or ATi Readon. You Can Download it From your Graphics Card official Website Or From FileHippo ( i always use this site for softwares ) In this Video Im Using NVIDIA Graphics Driver Ver. 361.75 While Disabling Services From The Game Booster Please insure that you know what this service does it will takes hours to fix if you ruined your Services Text file or you have to reinstall the Gamebooster Im sorry i forget to show fps on The Gameplay However after the Fix IT Is on 17-26Fps without even a Single Lag But you Can Experience(may be you not ) a Little(very little) Bit : ) Choppiness while driving A Car on High Speed if you Have less Than 3 Gb of RAM ! Gamebooster i used - Performance Commandline if u cant create yourself - --If links broken--- all the Software i Used in This Video to Make The Game Smooth For you are availiable For free online .Just Google Them :-) Please Like The Video and dont ForGet To Subscribe Because Im Playing The Game and if i Notice any problem Later I will Upload the Fix Soon For You or if You have noticed it First Just Comment Below And Dont ForGet To Share My Work it Will help Me a Lot !! :-) If Someone Facing Error Code9 / ERROR CODE : 1001 SocialClub Failed To Intialized Click to My Other Video Some More Issues I Noticed After playing The Game (Issues and Its Fixes Below) 1. FIB Blitz crash do a or b a)kill yourself with a granade till "skip mission" appears b)or do it just like this video 2. Caida Libre crash blow up the the vehicle with a "machine gun" not with any bomb or smthg. 3. crash after pressing "q" to cover Do a or b a)first open GTAVLauncher.exe and keep it running then open launcher.exe b)use The Latest Crack 4. Language chinese or russian(Use The 3DMGame Game Launcher) open 3DMGame config then find "Language=zh-CN" replace it with "Language=en-US" 5. Stopped working error first set the game to Directx 10.1 ,than open task manager find "GTA V" right click on it set priority to hightest level. if it still crashes try this ; Go to documents----click rockstar games----click GTA V --- - - then click settings---- search for this text '' DX_Version value=''2'' then change value = '' 2'' for value '' 1'' Then save the notepad file Commandline.txt Commandline.txt Commandline.txt Commandline.txt Commandline.txt Commandline.txt Commandline .txt Commandline VVV Down Here VVV Commandline .txt Commandline.txt Commandline.txt Commandline.txt Commandline.txt Commandline.txt Commandline.txt Create a Text File in your Game Root Folder ( at Desktop right click on GTA 5 Shortcut Then Click OPEN FILE LOCATION ) Rename it to Commandline.txt Copy And Paste This Commands In the Text File you created using Notepad " -memrestrict 1073741824 -restrictApp 0 -refreshrate 75 -framelimit 10 -Windowed " Without ( " ) In Front of -memrestrict put 1073741824 If you have 1Gb Graphics Card or Put 2147483648 if you Have 2Gb Graphics Card Or Put 3221225472 For 3Gb Graphics Card If Game Bordersline Bother you just delete -windowed (it will sacrifice 1 or 2 Frames) or change your Resulation as per liking for make it less annowing ! THANKS ! I HOPE IT HELPS YOU GUYS ,LIKE IT TO VOTE IT UP SO EVERYONE CAN SEE THANKS FOR YOUR SUBSCRIPTION | YOUR AWESOME !! : ) im About to reach 1000 SUB : ) How to Fix GTA V PC Lag/Stuttering and Increase FPS (UPDATED ...

Pixel Car Racer: Anti Lag Tutorial

This works for others cars too. Works well with the Supra doing the same. -------------------- Add me on Steam: Join my Discord:

Subway Surfers - Launch Trailer

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