Fire HD 10 - Amazon Fire Hd 10 Vs Fire Hd 8 Tablets Compared (2017 Models)

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You can expand the storage of a Amazon Fire HD 8 or HD 7 by using an MicroSDXC Card. This video takes you through step by step how to fit and expand the memory of a Amazon Fire HD 8. Link to SanDisk Ultra microSDXC Memory Card: Link to Amazon Help & Customer Service: Insert and Manage a MicroSD Card page: Subtitles: Hello again I've been asked to show how to expand the memory on a Fire HD 8 Tablet. Ok this is how you do it. I bought the SanDisk Ultra 64 gigabyte memory card and it's got a speed of up to 48 megabytes per second and it's basically what we've got recommended on Amazon so that's the one I'll be putting in today, so let me show you where you put it. So if you go into 'Storage' if you check on the storage here that's what you get with the actual Fire on it's own and I've got 16 Gb for some reason it's not got a full one that's probably 'cos it's running apps and probably the actual running power. So it says 'Browse the recommended SD cards on Amazon' which is what I did and I got the recommended one that it recommended for Fire HD 8. Ok, so open up the SanDisk packaging There we go...Do that...and pull the tape back there and just be careful of any connections so don't be touching the metal bits okay so that's that. So you've got your a tablet I'll show you whereabouts on the tablet you insert the card so if you turn it around you'll see the section here just literally get your fingernail or something like that if you've got long fingernails or something else and you open it up and that's where the slot will go okay so I'll get the card again okay so I'll get the card be careful not to touch the metal bits pop it out. It's quite tricky...there we go okay so let's see which way so it'll be that way in might be upside down or down let's try and what we do is we insert in here so it is that way and pop it in till it clicks okay and then back on so if we now up fire up our tablet pardon the pun...and we'll see how much memory there is now. So in 'Settings' you go to your 'Storage' and if you now look round here you see the SD card storage is If you remember it was 60 odd so what it's doing is not taking the full card but that's still not bad amount of memory there so I'll get lots of videos...get lot of apps and things like that. So thank you for watching and if you like can subscribe if you want to get some more of my content as soon as I upload it and if you like it so you can give it a like or if you got anything you'd like to add to this put a comment in the comment section or if there's anything you'd like me to look at to do with the Fire HD 8...put it in the Comments section below...and I'll have a look at that as well. okay, thanks. Bye.

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Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet With Alexa (2017) + Amazon Flip Cover - Hands On

Amazon Fire HD 10: Amazon Fire HD 10 (No Special Offers): Amazon Flip Cover: Checking out the new Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet with Alexa along with the new Amazon Flip Cover. Follow TechDaily on Twitter:

Amazon Fire HD 10 vs Fire HD 8 Tablets Compared (2017 Models)

This video is a quick comparison between the Fire HD 10 and Fire HD 8, both 2017 models. More details: Fire tablets at Amazon: If you find this video helpful, please consider using the Amazon affiliate link above to help fund these videos and reviews.



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