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Valentines Day 2018 | Teacher Gifts

Hey guys! Welcome to my channel! I’m so sorry I haven’t posted as often as I usually do, Harper is sick once again with her second round of the flu and she also now has a touch of pneumonia as well as another ear infection :( This video shows what we got our kids’ Teachers for Valentine’s Day, as well as a few things we got for the boys! Please feel free to comment! Make sure to like and subscribe to my channel! Thanks for watching 💋💋💋

25 Random Facts About Me | Get To Know Me

Hey guys! Welcome to my channel! If you’re new to my channel hello! This video is 25 random facts about me! It’s completely random and I wanted to do 50 but my sweet Harper girl has the flu unfortunately so (as you will see) she is pretty clingy and fussy. I hope you guys enjoy watching! Make sure to give this video a thumbs up, feel free to comment and subscribe to my channel! Also, let me know what type of videos you’d like to see me do! Anything and everything I’m totally up for! Thanks for watching 💋💋💋

Toddler Tag

Hi Everyone! First off, thank you for watching my video, it means a lot! If you are new to my channel, hello and welcome! 👋🏼 My name is Logan, I’m 23 and I’m a stay at home, working mom! I have an 8 month old daughter, Harper, who is also my Rainbow baby! 🌈 I have two step sons, Liam who is 5, and Bryce who is 4. In my videos I try to show just my everyday, real life. Motherhood is so challenging and i feel like I show everyone who watches that if they are struggling, you aren’t alone! Again, thank you for watching my video! If you like my videos, make sure to give me a thumbs up 👍🏼, feel free to leave feedback down in the comments, and please subscribe to my channel and stay tuned for more fun videos! 💗💋

Everyday Makeup | Quick and Easy | Do My Makeup With Me

Hey everyone! Welcome to my channel if you’re new! This video is a quick everyday makeup look, it touches base with the basics of how I do My Makeup and what colors I usually lean toward using on an everyday basis. I don’t do my makeup often, but when I do, this is almost exactly how I do it everytime! The makeup products I use are: •Elf or B.B. Cream Foundation •Elf Powder •Wet and Wild Blush •Ulta Eyeshadow (my fav!!) I usually use the nude pallets •L’Oréal Mascara and Eyeliner •L’Oréal Lipstick •Mary Kay Lip Gloss Thank you guys for watching and I hope you enjoyed my video! Make sure to give it a thumbs up, subscribe to my channel and feel free to leave any comments! I’ll see y’all in my next video! Bye guys! 👋🏼

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