December 2017 Clothing Catalog Secrets/Cheats (Club Penguin Rewritten)

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December Clothing Catalog Cheats! CP Rewritten

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This video will show you the new igloo furniture, including the secret items for CPR's December Better Igloos Catalog (Christmas Edition) + the Wreath Pin from December 6th, 2017 - December 20th, 2017. CURRENT PIN: Wreath Pin - Book Room. Here's the receipt for the items to know how many coins you need for whichever item you want to buy: PAGE 1: Large Christmas Tree - 700 coins. Small Christmas Tree - 400 coins. Holiday Lights - 30 coins. Christmas Wreath - 150 coins. Giant Candy Cane - 100 coins. Door Garland - 850 coins. SECRETS ON PAGE 1: Leaning Tree - 250 coins. Icicle Lights - 75 coins. Stocking - 50 coins. PAGE 2: Wood Stove - 900 coins. Nutcracker - 950 coins. Snowman - 405 coins. Presents - 400 coins. Wooden Reindeer - 450 coins. Holiday Bells - 100 coins. SECRETS ON PAGE 2: Wrought Iron Lamp Post - 600 coins. Snowflake - 50 coins. Christmas Ribbon - 120 coins. Candle - 120 coins. PAGE 3: Gingerbread Chair - 350 coins. Gingerbread Man - 250 coins. Swirly Lollipop - 75 coins. Gumdrop Tree - 120 coins. Jujubes - 50 coins. Icing Decorations - 30 coins. SECRETS ON PAGE 3: Santa Hat Snowman - 300 coins. Top Hat Snowman - 300 coins. Orange Scarf Snowman - 300 coins. HD TV - 1,000 coins. TOTAL COST = 9,475 coins. Igloo Upgrades Receipt: FLOORINGS: Burgundy Carpet - 530 coins. IGLOOS: Snow Globe - 3,700 coins. Log Cabin - 4,100 coins. Also showed a tour around the island with the new Christmas Decorations, what did you think of the rooms and what was your favourite room? Along with your favourite Igloo Furniture Item / Igloos? Let me know in the comments, thank you for watching! Waddle on! :D

December Furniture Catalog Cheats! CP Rewritten

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December 2017 Clothing Catalog Secrets/Cheats (Club Penguin Rewritten)

The Catalog For December/Christmas Is Now Out On Club Penguin Rewritten, I Highly Suggest YOu Check This Out, Also Stay Tuned For More Club Penguin Rewritten Cheats And Secrets Videos

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