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Alice Winstone - Addicted To Life-like Rebirth Dolls

Subscribe here: A mum-of-five who can't have more children has spent thousands turning her house into a nursery for 50 fake babies. Maternal Alice Winstone, 39, feeds, changes, washes, sleeps with and clothes her jumbo brood which has even forced her husband to move out.  Alice, who suffers from a life-threatening anaemic condition, can't work but spends 24/7 caring for her fake family. Her babies - named Reborn Dolls - are made from a spookily life-like vinyl material and can cost up to £1,200 each. Alice's obsession gets her noticed in the street as she takes the babies shopping in prams and straps them in baby seats in her car. She even takes her favourite to the ZOO and buys 'him' expensive UGG baby boots and was once stopped by the police for having four of the life-like dolls on her back seat of her car. A medical problem meaning she could have no more children made Alice crave nurturing but kittens and fostering was not enough because she had to say goodbye. In seven years, Alice, from Cardigan, Mid Wales, has filled her family home with dolls despite the fact some of her children, aged 12 to 22 still live there.   Alice said: "I saw my first doll, who was called Emily, on the back of a magazine and I fell head-over-heels in love with her. "My husband Chris took some convincing to let me have her but eventually I ordered her, and paid £180 for her. I was astonished to feel such a close bond to a doll." Alice was told if she had more children after her fifth that her pregnancy and delivery could be unsafe due to her having pernicious anaemia and a red blood cell deficiency that causes blood loss as it does not clot. She even has to have a contraceptive 'depo' injection every 12 weeks so that she doesn't bleed to death from having a period. As a born mother, Alice felt a loss once her children became more independent and she longed for something she could care for.  Alice said: "I tried taking in kittens, and even fostering children but I couldn't bear the part where I had to say goodbye. "I began looking after the dolls like I would my own babies - they are so life-like and I feel such a close bond to them. "It's the best of both worlds as well - I get to dress them up, do their hair and wash their clothes without the endless dirty nappies and sleepless nights!" Since then, Alice has bought more than 50 of the dolls - who are each looked after in the same impeccable way. But, while Alice enjoyed being a full-time mother, her relationship with Chris began to suffer. Alice said: "Chris didn't understand why I treated my dolls like real babies - he just didn't get it. "I tried telling him how happy they make me but he just thought it was a stupid obsession. "They soon started to affect our sex life as I would want some of them to come to bed with us, but Chris refused. "We were arguing about other things in our relationship, but the dolls really didn't help - he said they freaked him out because they looked so real." Alice became very protective over her dolls and worried about her children being near them, or the cat sitting on them if she wasn't around to keep an eye on them. She moved the dolls to her bedroom, and bought cots for them to sleep in. Eventually Chris moved out as he couldn't cope with Alice's love for the dolls any longer. Alice said: "I wouldn't have given up my dolls for Chris - we come as a package. "I like them close to me, and I'm never far away from them for long. "After Chris left, I down-sized my double bed to a single and turned our room into a nursery. I didn't need the extra space and it meant there was more room for my dolls and their stuff." Alice has all of the equipment you would expect to look after real-life babies with, including cots, prams, baby bouncers and hundreds of tiny outfits. She said: "I've spent thousands on my dolls - but I also go to doll fairs and swap them for others when I've had them a while. "Rhys is my favourite, I like him to sleep with me every night. "I recently took him to Chester Zoo - loads of people came up to me and told me how cute he is, and they couldn't believe it when I told them he was a reborn doll and not a baby. "I buy him Next clothes and UGG boots as I want him to look nice." If you wish to use this video please contact

Best Box Opening Ever! Baby Born With A Bag On Head! Reborn Baby Doll! Real Life Preemie Baby Doll WARNING! ***These are DOLLS not REAL kids. They are FAKE babies. I own silicone baby dolls that's are anatomically correct. Meaning they have fake private parts. So you will see fake baby private parts! If this offends you, please don't waste your time watching my videos.*** Post Box: Stephanie Ortiz 6569 N. Riverside Dr. #102-224 Fresno, CA 93722 *Alexzander is the Saskia kit by Bonnie Brown. *Ryder is the Kylah Silicone kit by Cindy Ibbetson Lee. *Andy is the Will kit by Natalie Scholl. Don't forget to like this video and subcribe! Instagram: nlovewithreborns2011 The Doctors TV talk show: NY Post Article about me as an artist and a collector of reborn babies: Yes, I know these babies are not real. Wait, what do you mean they are fake?! Lol. It's a fun hobby. Just like any other hobby. It's a valuable collection that I love to interact with. I feel this hobby keeps the child within me alive. Meaning I will stay younger longer. I know not everyone will accept these dolls, but please try to have an open mind. If you don't like what you see, please simply leave the video. No need to leave negative comments. I collect realistic reborn babies and silicone baby dolls! I do lots of role play videos, outings with reborn baby dolls, hauls, shopping, feeding, poop diaper, changing videos and trips to Disneyland videos. This channel is ran by an adult, so sometimes I use adult words and humor. However I still try to respect the younger crowd. But hey, no one is perfect. This channel is mine and mine to be who I want to be.

How To Dress Your Newborn Baby | Mothercare Baby Advice

How to dress your newborn baby with Liz Day, Parenting Consultant for Mothercare. Liz takes you through how to dress your baby in a bodysuit and sleepsuit. This video also shows some of the baby clothing you might need during those first few months, including hats and mitts to keep your little one cosy. For some more baby care advice and much more, please visit:


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