December Clothing Catalog on Club Penguin Rewritten

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Banned From Club Penguin Speed Run 1m 54s

Account made from scratch ---------- ban

How to catch the Rare Grey Mullet In Club Penguin Rewritten! + New Hat

in this video im going to show you how to catch the grey mullet but keep in mind it is a 1% chance so if you dont get it first try dont be shocked. it took my an hour and 22 minutes but it took some only 2 tries so good luck catching it and let me know if you catch it in the comments! hope this helps some of you! CPR:


Club Penguin Island Cheats: In this video, I will show you guys how to earn ONE MILLION coins on Club Penguin Rewritten DAILY. This Club Penguin Rewritten coin glitch will teach you how to earn coins instantly. Did this method work for you? Do you have any questions? Be sure to leave me a comment below! Twitter:

Club Penguin Rewritten - October Penguin Style Catalog Secrets!

This video will show you the new catalog items, including the secret items for CPR's October Penguin Style (Halloween Edition). Here's the receipt for the items to know how many coins you need for whichever item you want to buy: PAGE 1: Frankenpenguin Hat - 400 coins. Frankenpenguin Costume - 450 coins. Bee Antennae - 200 coins. Bee Costume - 450 coins. Pharaoh Headdress - 500 coins. Gold Bracelets - 200 coins. Pharaoh Costume - 550 coins. Faery Hair - 450 coins. Faery Wings - 350 coins. Faery Costume - 550 coins. SECRETS ON PAGE 1: Black Cape - 550 coins. Mask - 100 coins. Ghost Costume - 600 coins. Roman Helmet - 800 coins. Cleo Headdress - 350 coins. Cleo Dress - 550 coins. PAGE 2: Ghostly Gallop - 250 coins. Headless Horseman - 500 coins. Stompin' Boots - 250 coins. Witch's Hat - 250 coins. Witch's Costume - 550 coins. The Lady Frankenpenguin - 300 coins. Lady Frankenpenguin's Dress - 450 cons. The Count - 250 coins. The Count's Costume - 500 coins. The Count's Cloak - 250 coins. SECRETS ON PAGE 2: Extra Cheesy Costume - 300 coins. Big Brow - 50 coins. Candy Corn Costume - 100 coins. Pegasus Wings - 400 coins. Unicorn Horn - 150 coins. Unicorn Costume - 530 coins. Unicorn Hooves - 200 coins. PAGE 3: Hooded Sweatshirt - 400 coins. 3D Glasses - 50 coins. Hard Hat - 50 coins. Polo Shirt - 200 coins. SECRETS ON PAGE 3: Viking Helmet - 750 coins. Blue Viking Helmet - 1200 coins. Sombrero - 300 coins. Ballerina Costume - 450 coins. Ballet Shoes - 180 coins. PENGUINS AT WORK: Ghoul Detector 3000 - 350 coins. Ghoul Detector Jumpsuit - 450 coins. BACKGROUNDS: Pumpkin Patch Background - 60 coins. Candy Background - 60 coins. Stormy Background - 60 coins. Ghost Background - 60 coins. TOTAL COST = 16,950 coins. What did you guys think of the October Catalog? What was your favourite item, and what will you dress up for the special occasion? Can't wait to see what you all dress up as, let me know in the comments below. Waddle on! :D


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Christmas clothes have arrived and I'm so excited! I love Christmas so much!

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