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The Duggar family is famous for homeschooling all their kids. Everyone from Josh Duggar to Josie Duggar is taught at home by Michelle Duggar, the matriarch of the household, as well as by their older siblings. As they grow up, the Duggar kids continue to not follow the traditional route to education. They do not attend colleges or universities. The girls get married, while the boys are encouraged to learn a trade like selling used cars, construction, or aviation. When the kids get married and start a family of their own, they also follow the tradition of educating their own children at home. Right now, the only child of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar that has kids old enough for school is Josh Duggar and his wife, Anna Duggar. Their eldest, Mackynzie, is 8, while their youngest Mason is not even 1. Like Michelle, Anna has decided to be a full-time mother so that she can educate her five children from home. “Of course, our goal has been to do a Christian-based curriculum — one in which there’s a lot of character emphasis, character building like responsibility, honesty, self-control,” Michelle Duggar said in an interview with TLC. “All those kind of things are woven into the stuff that we use. I find that there are so many things out there that you could look forever and probably not exhaust the opportunities for what you want to do.” Ever since the scandal broke in 2015, Josh Duggar and his family are infrequently shown on the Duggar family Facebook page. However, with the arrival of Mason Garrett Duggar and the success of the family’s spin-off reality TV show, Counting On, Josh and Anna have been making their way back into the spotlight. The latest video on the Duggars’ Facebook is one of 4-year-old Marcus engaged in homeschooling. Anna’s voice can be heard in the background as he attempts to explain how he drew the number eight. This immediately sparked a debate amongst Duggar fans about how effective homeschooling is for the kids. “Homeschooled children tend to be behind,” one fan wrote. “Especially the Duggar children! They are not prepared to be in the professional world. They would be completely lost if they had to go on an interview for a real job with a real boss that wasn’t Jim Bob […] These kids have no schedule. Things don’t work that way in the real world when you have to clock in at work. This is why the Duggars can’t and don’t function in a 9-5 real society.” On the other hand, some fans stated that homeschooling kids can go on to accomplish many amazing things. “I know many people who have homeschooled and their children have done very well,” one commented. “Some become engineers, pharmacists, and a dentist. So many more groups now and more support. Check it out. You can gear the pace to your child, go on field trips with other homeschooling parents and know what your child is learning. I am a former teacher.” Check out Marcus on his fourth birthday.

Adam Levine's New Girlfriend

Three-year-old Mila is Adam's biggest (little) fan, and had quite the reaction when she found out he was married!

🔴 Son's Secret Medical Crisis Revealed!🍉Jill Duggar

Jill Duggar has been a reality TV star since childhood. As such, she's accustomed sharing to about just everything with her family's massive fan base. But there are some things that even Jill would to prefer keep private. When Jill welcomed her second child back in July of 2017, she waited weeks several before posting a photo. Now, fans believe they know why. Jill's Derick husband, Dillard, posted the above photo on his Instagram page this week as part of a montage celebrating his mother's birthday. Fans were shocked by the image never-before-seen of baby Samuel hooked up to wires with tubes coming out of nose. Some his of Derick's followers were deeply concerned by what they insisted saw. Others that while they're certainly unsettling, such scenes are not is uncommon. “That a tube to suction fluid out of the lungs,” commented one fan.

DUGGAR DRAMA!!! Jinger Duggar HIDES BABY BUMP While Visiting Duggar Family Home With Jeremy Vuolo

DUGGAR DRAMA!!! Jinger Duggar HIDES BABY BUMP While Visiting Duggar Family Home With Jeremy Vuolo. Jinger Duggar and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, announced that they are pregnant with their first baby this past month. The announcement was followed by congratulatory videos from all the married members of the Duggar family, Jessa, Jill, Josh and Joy-Anna Duggar and many comments from Counting On fans. One of the reasons why there was a lot of social media coverage for her pregnancy was because she lives in Texas, away from all her family in Arkansas. Since her wedding in November 2016, Jinger has been traveling a lot with her husband but has only been back at home a couple of times. Because Jeremy is the full-time pastor at Grace Community Church in Laredo, Texas, the couple travels often for work. Also, his family lives in Pennsylvania and the couple decided to spend both of their holiday seasons together on the east coast. So it was a long time coming when Jinger flew to Arkansas to visit all her younger and married siblings at home. This was the first time that many of the Duggars saw Jinger with her baby bump, albeit small, as she is approaching her 18th week. To commemorate this trip, the 24-year-old Duggar took a selfie with her younger sisters and posted it on Instagram. “I’d say that made a lot of cute little girls very happy Jinger!” A fan commented. “Great photo Jinger,” another wrote. “Hope you have fun with your family.” Ever since the Vuolos announced that they are expecting a baby, Jinger has become much more family orientated in her Instagram content. First of all, she has decreased the number of posts she makes on her account and the photos that make it onto her feed are usually with family. Her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, has continued to post about things unrelated to the pregnancy on his Instagram. He has uploaded photos from a recent baptism, the scenery from his hometown and a selfie with his beautiful wife. But their journey as new parents has been the most exciting thing happening in their lives.


Once again, it seems that Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff just can't win. When she's "too close" with her boyfriend, she gets dragged for "living in sin." by people who hate her relationship and don't seem to like her that much, either. But now that she's taken a photo in which Chris Marek is conspicuously absent ... fans can't help but wonder if there's trouble in their relationship. Valentime for Chris Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff created a beautiful family together. But literally all marriages end -- either in death or a break-up. Amy and Matt are divorced. Though they both still live nearby and both are very close to their children and two grandbabies (and Matt and Amy even partied together for the sake of their son), they have both moved on with their lives. Matt Roloff has moved on with girlfriend Caryn Chandler. And Amy Roloff has, as fans are well aware, moved on with boyfriend Chris Marek. Amy Roloff and Friends at Pizzario Amy Roloff shared this cute photo featuring herself and four friends, captioning it: "There are treasures in life that are precious and one of them are friends. Good time w/ these friends just hanging out and listening g to local music at Pizzario Hillsboro." It's always nice -- for those of us who aren't bitter that Amy has the audacity to enjoy her life after divorce -- to see Amy having a good time with what she refers to as "Amy's Second Act." Because Chris Marek was nowhere to be seen. Amy Roloff and Company As absurd as it sounds, people took to the captions to ask why Chris Marek, who's usually by Amy's side, was missing in action. "Where is Chris on valentines day? Hmm," one commenter wrote. This photo was taken days before Valentine's Day, but thanks for playing. "Where's Chris?" another asked, followed by another: "And Chris??" You can almost feel their eagerness to hear of a breakup, or at least a squabble. Others played something of a guessing game, suggesting that maybe Chris Marek had taken the photo. Amy Roloff & Chris Marek Image For what it's worth, Amy clarified that Chris Marek had other friends. The fact that she even needed to respond to those questions is ... absurd. Couples don't need to be joined at the hip at all time. Amy Roloff doesn't need Chris Marek as an escort wherever she goes, and the same is true of Chris. They love each other and have a happy relationship, and can do separate activities at night. They should be able to do so without anyone freaking out. Amy and Chris on Christmas You know what's really at work here? Aside from divorce-shaming and misogyny, we mean. Some people, though they at least have enough shame to not admit it, "don't trust" Chris Marek because they don't think that Amy Roloff -- as a little person -- should be of interest to someone of Chris' height. That sounds to us like bigotry, pure and simple. Amy is a real person with real feelings. Chirs Marek sees her for who she is. He doesn't need some ulterior motive to date a woman who has a disability.

Josh Duggar and his wife, Anna Duggar, have been laying low since his molestation scandal broke loose in 2015. However, they started coming out from hiding starting in 2017 when they announced that they will be adding another baby into their family of four. Baby Mason arrived in the world last fall, which got Josh’s family some positive publicity. Anna started using her Twitter and Instagram account after two years, showing how she is ready to make contacts with the public.

Now, it looks like Josh and Anna are showing how their baby is doing through other members of the Duggar family. They got in touch with Josiah Duggar and his new girlfriend, Lauren Swanson, to show off their baby to the fans of Counting On.

Josiah announced his second courtship with Lauren Swanson earlier this year when they traveled down to Australia and New Zealand as a part of the Duggar family tour.

“We are overjoyed to begin this new phase of our lives together,” Josiah said to People Magazine.“Through the years our families’ friendship has allowed us to get to know one another as friends. I can definitely say I have found a great friend … even better than I could have hoped for or imagined.”

The 22-year-old is the only one of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s unmarried kids that has his own Instagram account. On it, he has been showing off his life with his new girlfriend, expressing his love for her and their courting process.

They took another step in their relationship when they posed with Josh and Anna’s new baby for the family Facebook.

“Mason is adorable!” A fan exclaimed in the comment section. “And he got so big!”

“All [of] Josh and Anna’s kids are adorable,” another wrote.

This is not the first time that Josiah posted about his youngest nephew. When baby Mason was not even one-month old, he took a selfie with him and posted on his Instagram.

This was one of the only pictures available of Mason except the ones that Josh Duggar released publicly on the Duggar family blog.

Anna Duggar also has been rebooting her Instagram account with pictures of baby Mason. Just three days ago, she posted a never-been-seen-before photo of her youngest son, letting her fans know that they still are thriving as a family despite their trials and tribulations.

Despite the improvements in their public image, Josh Duggar and his wife will not be returning on the new season of Counting On this month.

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