Making of the Lloyd Coat Wallet

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Leather: Vegetable-tanned Leather Sandals

I'm making this vegetable-tanned leather sandals for my wife. Materials: The bottom sole (the part that touches the ground) - Vibram Cherry soling rubber sheet, it made of a durable and soft synthetic gum rubber (Vibram rubber is known for excellent abrasion and slip resistance.) The mid sole - granular cork mixed with synthetic rubber. The upper sole (the part that touches the feet) - is a 5 oz veg-tanned leather, my wife complains it's a bit harder for her feet, so I'd suggest to use lighter veg-tanned leather or lining with a more softer leather like lamb skin, etc. Glue - Tanners Bond Contact Cement, Dye: Eco-Flo Professional water stain (crimson & brown color) Finish: Fiebing's leather palm (to protect/repel water), and Kiwi shoe polish. Hope that helps. Cheers! Vibram rubber: Granular cork:

Making of an Equus alligator watch strap

Take a glimpse in to the Equus workshop as we make a watch strap from start to finish with the traditional hand skills and tools of the saddler and sellier. The work is deceptively simple yet incredibly precise, the materials beautiful yet durable, timeless yet ever changing. The techniques we use are time consuming and take years or decades to master, our products are a labour of love.

Leather Crafting - Making an iPhone Wallet

► Use code "YouTube" for 15% off our Leathergoods! ► Follow Us On Instagram: Leather Crafting - Making an iPhone Wallet I got a new iPhone so I decided to make myself a new wallet out of natural vegetable tanned leather. I recently purchased a very nice set of irons from Crimson Hides so I decided to unbox those and use them for the first time making my iPhone wallet! The design is fairly straight forward with the body being made from a single piece of leather, and a pocket. I made sure to punch a hole for the charging cable so that my phone can charge while it's in the pouch - a design detail I first started using with our iPhone 4 case a few years back. The iPhone Wallet is made from 4oz vegetable tanned leather with threads sent over by Crimson Hides. I really like the thread - it's a good size for the diamond awl-shaped holes that the new stitching irons make. Overall the piece turned out really nice!

Making a Leather Trucker Wallet

► Use code "YouTube" for 15% off our Leather goods! ► Follow Us On Instagram: Making a Leather Trucker Wallet A fairly simple leather crafting project for beginner to intermediate leather crafters, we made up this trucker wallet with natural vegetable tanned leather and poly thread to sample a new wallet design. There's a hidden card slot, a bunch of long slots for receipts and cash, and this leather wallet also has a nice flap closure pocket for storing whatever extra stuff you might have! I made up this wallet to sample a few design ideas I had. I like the idea of a shorter trucker / biker wallet, and this one measures in around 6.5" long instead of the traditional 7" or 8". It's compact but holds dollar bills without needing to fold them, which is important for ease of use. Overall I'm pleased with the design of the leather trucker wallet we made, and with a few tweaks it'll be a nice pattern to pull out every now and again.

Making of leather card holder - MK Leathers

Making of leather card holder If you enjoyed the video, leave a comment, like and sub. There are more leather craft viedeos to come. MK Leathers Hand made quality watch straps and small leather goods. Facebook: Instagram: Music by : Kevin MacLeod: Firmament – na licencji Creative Commons Attribution (

The design and creation process of the Lloyd Coat wallet has been a long one. Based upon the design of a 1950s wallet owned by Charlie's (our Creative Director) Grandfather, the first and most important part of our job was not to spoil the beautiful lines of the original, but to bring the design up to date, the original having been designed in a world before credit cards or other such things. A design on paper isn't the end of the story though, and the complex shapes and construction had to be brought together into a single beautiful object, with each element adding to the form, as well as the function of the finished piece. The result is a traditional wallet, the largest in our Lloyd series, but sharing the same beautiful curves that run throughout. Each one takes more than a days work to create, with every stitch meticulously done by hand, but we hope as a result will be passed down the generation as was the original the design is based on.

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