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How to catch the Rare Grey Mullet In Club Penguin Rewritten! + New Hat

in this video im going to show you how to catch the grey mullet but keep in mind it is a 1% chance so if you dont get it first try dont be shocked. it took my an hour and 22 minutes but it took some only 2 tries so good luck catching it and let me know if you catch it in the comments! hope this helps some of you! CPR: play.clubpenguinrewritten.pw

How to get party hats in CPR! (Club Penguin Rewritten)

Hope you guys enjoyed today's video! Transfer Link: Club Penguin Rewritten took down there transfer system now you have to email them at support@cprewritten.net. Just do exactly what I do in the video still Twitter: https://twitter.com/Real_CPR_Nation Come Play! --- clubpenguinrewritten.pw

IS CPR SHUTTING DOWN... (Brief explanation of the Codey 'drama')

👍SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE FOR MORE CONTENT LIKE THIS!!!👍 👉IDK IF THIS IS RELEVANT ANYMORE, PROBABLY WILL PRIVATE SOON. 👇Stuff you NEED to click👇 👉Play Club Penguin Rewritten - https://cprewritten.net 👉My twitter - https://twitter.com/AlexCPPS26 👉My discord server - bsXqq7V AlexCPPS If you scrolled all the way down here you are cool

Club Penguin Rewritten | How To Get a Golden Puffle 2017/2018 (JOKE)

Hey Guys It your Boi PlushKing But Any way I Hope you enjoy your golden puffle Google Plus-https://plus.google.com/u/0/115885111068064250539

Club Penguin Rewritten - Free Codes 3/18/17

These are some of the new codes that have been added to CPR. Use them well!

The 12TH anniversary party hat is now on club penguin rewritten ,the party hat is only for a day or two so i suggest checking this out on club penguin rewritten

Family Friendy PG Clean

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