Build your own Zero Energy Cooling Chamber (ZECC)

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A Zeer Pot - Off Grid Refrigeration

A Zeer Pot is an ancient device used to cool things. It was invented by the Egyptians about 2500 years before Christ was born. It works on the principle of evaporative cooling. It's still in use today in North Africa and I'm going to tell you about it and show you how to make and use one. Interesting notes: More wind speed can improve cooling efficiency. Hotter air flowing over the pot might improve the efficiency. Airflow coming off a hot parking lot might improve efficiency if your pot is in the shade because hotter air can hold more moisture which means that it can increase evaporation of the pot's moisture.

Zero Energy Cool Chamber

Zero Energy Cool Chamber, a low cost solution for storing vegetables and fruits in rural areas.

How to Make a Eco Air Cooler at home using Plastic Bottle ( Very Simple )

hi guyz in this video u will be learning about eco coolers and a small explanation about it . its really easy to make u can make it in six steps. the principle is also way to easy to understand.its same common theory but i have said abt joule thomson effect .i said it because they both reassemble the same so i said its main principle is joule thomson effect.hope u guyz like the video . plz LIKE , SHARE and SUBSCRIBE. watch our other video: 1) How To Make a Mini Simple Audio Amplifier 2) Mobile phone life hacks 3) How to make an inverter at home 4) 5 Simple Life Hacks 5) How to build a simple aquarium filter 6) How to make a mini pyrography tool 7) DIY Multi Purpose emergency light 8) How To Upgrade RC Car 9) HOW TO: DIY aquarium filter 10) HOW TO: DIY aquarium filter MUSIC : for more videos visit our channel u guyz can get many different circuits and crazy projects from Crazy mechanics in facebook Page : Group : Join us on facebook to get updated with new circuits , new videos and crazy projects.

Cool Roof Technology_Inverted Earthen Pots

This cool roof technology was demonstrated under the Cool Roof and Passive Ventilation project, implemented by TARU Leading Edge Pvt. Ltd. This project has been supported by The Rockefeller Foundation under the ACCCRN programme (Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network)

GeoExchange Heating and Cooling System

Heating and cooling system that helps cut your monthly bills.

With some bricks and a little sand, you can keep vegetables cool without refrigeration. Staff from the World Vegetable Center Eastern and Southern Africa Office demonstrate the steps in constructing a simple zero energy cooling chamber.

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