STEVE HARVEY'S ex-wife, Mary Shackelford, claims for $ 60 million

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STEVE HARVEY EX-WIFE MARY'S YOUTUBE VIDEO #1 - GETSAVEDMAN.COM In the above YouTube video #1, Mary Harvey recalls meeting Steve back in the day, and the birth of their son. In other videos, she talks about his cheating ways, the Oprah lawsuit, and his present wife Majorie calling her house.



Breaking News - Steve Harvey sued for is defrauding his charity

Steve Harvey is being sued by someone who claims he was defrauded millions of dollars from the TV mogul.Vincent Dimmock claims he was hired by Harvey to raise $20million for the Steve and Marjorie Foundation in exchange for 12.5 percent of whatever he brought in, according to TMZ.Dimmock claims that he got pledges for $20million in donations from high-level executives, A-list entertainers and political figures such as a former President.But when Dimmock delivered the first million, he claims Harvey refused to pay him his commission, according to the lawsuit.He says Harvey never intended to pay him for the work in the first place. In total Harvey would have owed Dimmock $2.7million.Dimmock also claims he introduced Harvey to an investor in May, and says that during the meeting he disparaged women and took aim at celebrities for his financial issues.He claims Harvey blamed his financial troubles on Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry for giving him bad advice.Dimmock also says Harvey blamed Barack Obama for Harvey's 'disastrous meeting with Donald Trump,' according to TMZ.Trump and Harvey met in January - at which time the daytime television host offered to help Trump's Housing and Urban Development team, according to The Hollywood Reporter.He said he agreed to take the meeting with the 45th president because Obama's transition team encouraged him to open the dialogue.Dimmock said in the lawsuit that Harvey and his foundation are in bad financial shape because of a series of public relations mess-ups - such as alleged mocking Asian men and the Trump meeting.Harvey's agent Todd Frank told TMZ he doesn't think the allegations are true.'It sounds fake,' Frank said. 'Steve is the most loyal guy in the world. I've never been stiffed on a commission from Steve Harvey in 21 years.' AutoNews- Source:

(Chicago Talk: Breaking News about Steve and Mary Harvey's divorce case)

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Mary Harvey, Steve Harvey's Ex-Wife Speaks Out #3

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According to a report from E! News, the lawsuit against Steve Harvey made by his ex-wife, Mary Shackelford, has been thrown out of court by the judge. It’s a great day for the comic who has avoided an annoying battle in court following his wife filing a $60 million suit against him.

In the court documents, she alleged torture, child endangerment, and much more. A source close to Harvey said, “Harvey says there is no merit to any of the claims at all. It’s bizarre how she just won’t let their relationship go.”

“They broke up a long time ago, and since then, she just keeps on flaming Harvey. It’s crazy; it’s time for her to move on to someone else, get another man.”

The documents claimed she lost her son, businesses, home, and spent Mother’s Day alone by herself as if spending a night in solitude on a holiday is the worst possible circumstance.

Reportedly, her lawsuit was filed by a “civil rights activist,” and not a real lawyer. In April, Mary posted a series of crazy YouTube videos claiming that she never received her divorce settlement after they broke up.

In them, in addition to making all kinds of nefarious claims, she explained that Steve owes her “$50 million,” and she wants him in jail for allegedly violating her civil rights.

The judge supposedly told her that her divorce would be based on the community assets following their split, but it never happened.

She went on to make an endangered list of claims and alleged violations perpetrated by Harvey, including things like “falsifying documents, extortion and collusion, embezzlement, perjury,” and many other harrowing legal terms. Mary said she wants her ex-husband behind bars.

According to reports, Steve and Mary got married back in 1996, and it lasted all the way until 2006. In 2007, Harvey married Marjorie Bridges-Woods, and they’ve been together since then.

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