November 2017 Clothing Catalog Secrets/Cheats (Club Penguin Rewritten)

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How to catch the Rare Grey Mullet In Club Penguin Rewritten! + New Hat

in this video im going to show you how to catch the grey mullet but keep in mind it is a 1% chance so if you dont get it first try dont be shocked. it took my an hour and 22 minutes but it took some only 2 tries so good luck catching it and let me know if you catch it in the comments! hope this helps some of you! CPR:


New November Catalog! Discord: Twitter: CPR:

Club Penguin ReWritten - Secrets

Please make sure to Comment and Like if enjoyed, and Subscribe for more content! Make sure to go check out SteelCP!: Hey guys! Here are some secrets in-game that will always be around! Make sure to go check them out! Also make sure to check out SteelCP! Enjoy! Song: Club Penguin - 8 - Bit

Club Penguin Rewritten Secrets!

Game: Discord: Here are all the secrets, or at least most, hidden throughout the game! From candy game versions to hidden items.

September Clothing Catalog Secrets! CP Rewritten

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November 2017 Clothing Catalog Secrets/Cheats (Club Penguin Rewritten)

The November Catalog For Club Penguin Rewritten Is Now Out And Its The Operation BlackOut Catalog Because I Mean You Can Just Tell

Family Friendy PG Clean ,No Swearing ,For Kids

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