Baby Shoes [PMV] [TW: Gore]

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Melody meme (unfinished)

original - I'm tired and it's 3 am, I might finish this later

Cher Lloyd - I Wish ft. T.I.

Cher Lloyd "I Wish" feat. T.I. Buy the single here: © 2013 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment Playlist Best of Cher Lloyd: Subscribe for more:

Boop (MLP in real life)

Apparently booping is a big no-no for ponies. But it can't be that bad, right? Nurse Redheart's voice by Angel Love: Cast Away: Background music by PatrickAThompson, license granted by AudioMicro, Inc. Have a video suggestion? Post it in the Comments, or Contact me via PM! Follow me on Twitter! Follow me on DeviantArt!

Luna Jumps For Eternity- Animation Process

this has a lot of mistakes but its late and I'm tired lmao

Message to Birdie.

IF I SEE ANY HATE COMMENTS TOWARDS BIRDIE I AM DELETING THEM ON SPOT, I WILL NOT TOLERATE IT! before i start the description im sorry for the really messy lines in this pmv thing, i have really bad anxiety rn and its really hard to draw without shaking lol. so first of all this is NOT a rant, and NOT a hate video. honestly i dont really think anything bad of birdie, i think they are pretty cool. i feel really bad and i couldnt be a bystander to this shit no more- and birdie if you are reading this im terribly sorry about you and fontik (however you spell it), i wish i could help you out but honestly im not the best person for that. i have issues of my own but id rather help others and its causing me to have really bad health. but none of that, i want you to be okay. im always here if you need a friend or someone to vent to ;; you barely know me and i understand if you decline,, but i just want you to know that you dont deserve this, no matter what drama you caused. i believe this can all change. Music/audio: Birdie: Characters: Polly(not mine), Keira(mine)

This is from a while back but I had it unlisted :0

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