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Can You Learn a Language While Sleeping? Fascinating Study Results

Inspired by studies from the Universities of Freiburg and Northwestern, MosaLingua ran an interesting experiment on sleep learning and hypnopaedia. The fascinating results of this language learning experiment are finally here. Check out our video to find out more. ------------------ Whether it is possible or not to learn and memorize information during sleep has been a hot topic in the science world for quite some time now. Therefore, the goal of the MosaLingua study was to add to this interesting research field and run a test with users of their language learning apps. The goal was to find out if being exposed to new or already learned vocabulary during sleep could help learn vocabulary faster. An amazing language learning hack if it turned out to be true. To get more details about the results, check out our post and infographic: Here are the links to the University studies: -------------------- Get started with languages, downloading our Free Language Learning Kit at (including our ebook revealing the secret tools used by polyglots to learn a language)! Subscribe to our channel and follow us to get other similar videos: BLOG : TWITTER : FACEBOOK : INSTAGRAM : -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Watch: "The 7 most useful languages to learn in 2017" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

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Alert!!! Rosetta Stone has made changes..two downloads and an audio cd my comments and titans comments about them below..thanks..bret

How Rosetta Stone Works

Have you always wanted to learn a new language? Now is the time to get started. Learn more about how Rosetta Stone works and try our free demo today.

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Rosetta Stone Language Level Install Location

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Buy at Best Price! Rosetta Stone 12 Month Online Subscription

I am on unit 2. I love it. I tried the audio programs based on reviews, but got nowhere as I am not an audio learner. This program is amazing. I love the immersion approach.
1. I've realized you have to be patient and let the process do its work. If you want to be speaking quickly, you probably want an audio memorizing program.
2. I expect to understand the language quicker than speaking the language. I think speaking is more difficult in the learning process; that may be where an audio progra...
Reviewer : D. caputo

I haven't had a lot of time to work with this yet, so my review is based on initial impressions. Let me say that some years ago I tried the CD version of this with Mandarin. It was a dismal failure for me. The Rosetta Stone method didn't help me enough to bridge the cultural gap.

Things have changed a lot since then. The online version is slick and understands everything I say. This time I picked Italian. I like opera and italian food. I've visited Italy a few times. So, I was ready. The Rose...
Reviewer : Bob Walter

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Sync your progress across computers and mobile devices
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Extended Learning expands on your core lessons with: Phrasebook*, Stories, and Audio CompanionTM
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Some people seem to have a natural ability to learn a language almost as second nature. I've admired several friends who learned 6 and 7 additional languages, not from childhood exposure but simply studying each language over a 6 month period. I'd tried several times through the years via books and tapes but learned only a few rudimentary words and phrases. I'd heard about Rosetta Stone but my Mac doesn't have a DVD player built in, of course, and carrying the laptop, player and dvd's seemed les...
Reviewer : Hyytekk

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