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Javi Marroquin Slamming Briana DeJesus: New ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Appears Bitter Over Breakup

Javi Marroquin and Briana DeJesus struck off things lately, and while Javi was fast to concentrate on the Philadelphia Eagles' ticket to the Super Bowl, Briana seems to become bitter about the separation. For some reason, that Teen Mom two celebrity had difficulty moving forward from the connection and also taking the high road in regards into remarks, lovers, and Javi's individual enterprise. As it happens, Briana was angry because she recently discovered he was planning to Los Angeles, and Briana seemed to believe he's heading out to there to be with a girl. Rather than moving from the connection and allowing Javi do as he pleased as one man, she moved on Instagram to talk about matters with her lovers. Our Social Media: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:

So Kailyn Lowry Admitted to Sleeping With Javi Marroquin’s Best Friend and We're Legit Speechless

That’s gotta hurt. Kailyn Lowry admits in a preview for the upcoming season of WE tv’s Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars that she once cheated on her now-ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, with his best friend. Javi took to Instagram on Wednesday, Sept. 6, to share the explosive clip. In the sneak peek, the former couple get into a heated verbal disagreement that seemingly ends with Kailyn, 25, screaming, “I slept with your best friend!” Naturally, Javi seems shocked AF by the 16 and Pregnant alum’s admission. In his caption, the dad-of-one — who shares son Lincoln, 3, with Kailyn — opened up about how the revelation affected him. “I'm not ready to relive these emotions all over again. Looking back at it, this might've been the hardest experience I've ever been through. Tune into @wetv this October,” he wrote, accompanied by a rather poignant (and TLC-inspired) hashtag: #don’tchasewaterfalls.

Javi Marroquin's family speaks out about Kailyn Lowry

Javi Marroquin's family speaks out about Kailyn Lowry. Teen Mom 2 fans watched a brand new special titled Being Javi this week as MTV cameras followed Kailyn Lowry’s ex-husband in his daily life. Javi opened up about things such as being a single dad, co-parenting, and dating after his divorce. However, one of Javi’s family members had some very interesting things to say about his marriage to Kailyn. According to a Feb. 13 report by Pop Culture, during the Being Javi special, Marroquin’s cousin, Lydia, was interviewed about his love life. Lydia revealed to Teen Mom 2 cameras that Javi is “a lover,” adding that he just wants to give love and have a special person in his life. She went on to reveal that even when things were rocky with Kailyn Lowry, it was easy to see that Marroquin was in love with Lowry. However, Lydia went on to announce that she believed that Kailyn didn’t “genuinely” love Javi in the same way. “Even on those bad days, you could still tell he loved [Kailyn]. I never got that vibe of her genuinely loving you and saying, ‘That’s my man.'” As many Teen Mom 2 fans know, Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin’s love story started when they met through mutual friends. The pair began dating and before they knew it were expecting a baby together. The couple married while Lowry was in her third trimester of pregnancy and Marroquin took on the role of doting step-dad to her older son, Isaac, whose father is Jo Rivera. Kailyn and Javi welcomed their son, Lincoln, and eventually decided to move to Delaware. Things were bumpy for the pair, who began to fight over their trust issues. While Javi was deployed for the Air Force the couple decided to call it quits and announced that they planned to divorce. Javi Marroquin returned home to find his life completely changed. He and Kailyn Lowry went their separate ways, but the Teen Mom 2 dad made it clear he wanted to work things out. Kailyn didn’t feel the same way and began dating Chris Lopez. Not long after, Kail announced that she was pregnant with Lopez’s baby. Kailyn and Chris are no longer together, but do share a baby boy named Lux. She and Javi continue to co-parent Lincoln, and Marroquin often spends time with his former step-son, Isaac, as well.

'Being Javi: A Teen Mom Special' Official Sneak Peek | Teen Mom 2 | MTV

Javi walks us through where he’s been over the last few years and what he’s up to now in a 'Being Javi' special airing Tuesday, February 13th at 8/7c on MTV. #MTV #TeenMom2 #BeingJavi Subscribe to MTV: Teen Mom is a spin-off of the MTV documentary series 16 & Pregnant. Each episode interweaves stories of four teenage girls who are navigating the bumpy terrain of adolescence, growing pains, and coming of age - all while facing the responsibility of being a young mother. More from MTV: Official MTV Website: Like MTV: Follow MTV: MTV Google+: MTV on Tumblr: MTV Instagram: MTV on Pinterest: #MTV is your destination for the hit series Wild 'N Out, Siesta Key, The Challenge, MTV Floribama Shore, Teen Mom and much more!

Teen Mother 2's Kailyn Lowry Blasted From Baby Daddies Javi Marroquin and Chris Lopez

Teen Mother 2′s Kailyn Lowry was just looking to have some fun with her friends this weekend, but it's got her in hot water with 2 of her infant daddies. Yesterday evening, a Snapchat surfaced of Kailyn Lowry lying in bed using a shirtless guy who is not the father of her child. An insider, however, disclosed he had been Kail's buddy DJ, who had been sitting with her at the bed while she glanced her up swollen feet following the MTV awards show.

Kailyn Lowry may not admit it, but it sounds like she tuned in last night when Being Javi aired as part of MTV’s specials, featuring the men and supportive spouses in the Teen Mom 2 family. But many fans tuned in to see what Javi Marroquin is doing when he’s isn’t filming Teen Mom 2 and spending time with his son. For years, Lowry and Marroquin have spoken out about their relationship on Twitter and it has often been a he said she said relationship. MTV wanted to give Javi a chance to share his life on the show and it sounds like he’s questioning how to move on without hurting Kailyn. Fans were surprised to see how emotional Javi was when talking about Lowry.

Fans were convinced that he clearly still had feelings for Lowry. As he pointed out during a dinner with a friend, he wants to respect Lowry but he doesn’t want to be used when she needs something. Fans were surprised to see how he spoke about her and it sounds like fans want to see them back together. According to a new tweet, fans are now encouraging Kailyn Lowry to give Javi Marroquin a second chance. However, there’s a chance that won’t happen.

Javi Marroquin, ow do you deal with Kailyn Lowry being so mean to you and keeping so calm BeingJavi,” one fan asked Javi, to which Kailyn replied, “Yeah, Javi… how do you deal with that

You guys are just meant to be together just work on yourself – Kail be kinder & softer. Javi be less jealous & controlling. You guys could have 50 years together ahead 3,” one fan wrote, encouraging them to give each other another shot at their marriage.

Of course, Javi and Kailyn have revealed that they have worked hard on their co-parenting relationship. They want to stay civil for the sake of their son Lincoln, but it sounds like Lowry has no interest in working things out with Javi. As the fan pointed out, Javi was accused of being too controlling and Lowry has been labeled too bossy. She claims that she’s tough because of her childhood and her lack of relationship with her mother. Marroquin may be controlling because he felt he couldn’t trust Kailyn. On Teen Mom 2, Javi revealed that he had found out that Kailyn was texting guys from her school. While it could be about homework, Javi questioned why she was texting other guys.

Kailyn Lowry has revealed that she’s moving on and Marroquin has dated as well. The two will always have a special relationship, but it sounds like the romance is gone.

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