Do You Tuck a Bow Tie Under a Tuxedo Collar? : Men's Formal Fashion

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How to Wear a Bow Tie & Winged Collar : Tuxedos 101

Subscribe Now: Watch More: Wearing a bow tie and a winged collar always requires you to keep a few very important things in mind. Wear a bow tie and a winged collar with help from the CEO of Accent Bridal & Tuxedo in this free video clip. Expert: Julius Brown Filmmaker: Melissa Mccormick Series Description: Figuring out what type of tuxedo to wear and how to wear it doesn't have to be the most stressful part of attending a big event. Learn about the basics of a tuxedo with help from the CEO of Accent Bridal & Tuxedo in this free video series.

HOW TO TIE A BOW TIE Step-By-Step The Easy Way, Slow, For Beginners - WORKS GUARANTEED

Learn How To Tie A Bow Tie Step By Step - it'll work guaranteed even if you have never tied a bow tie before. This step by step tutorial shows you very detailed close-ups of how to tie a bow tie and what it should look like. Learn all about Black Tie Etiquette & How You Look Your Best In A Tuxedo: How To Find The Perfect Black Bow Tie For Your Tux It's a skill every man should know, and you should never wear clip on bow ties or pre-tied bow ties. The only proper bow tie is a self-tied bow tie. If you want more videos like this, sign up to get them right to your inbox: For self-tie bow ties in different shapes and materials & the best black tie bow tie selection anywhere, please click here: To learn how to tie a dimple in your tie knot every time, check out this tutorial: ________________________________________________________________ In this video, I'm going to show you how to tie a bow tie the easy way. Every man should be able to tie his own bow tie. Only boys at prom wear pre-tied bow ties or clip-on bow ties. You should never wear that, it shows, it's too symmetrical, it's too perfect, it looks cheap. Elegant men like Winston Churchill would always wear their bow tie slightly skewed and that shows the true character of a perfectly tied bow tie. It is not symmetrical. In recent years, bow ties have become much more popular and this is the easiest way to tie it. If you have an adjustable bow tie, adjust to the right length. Usually, you use the neck size that you have for your shirt but you can play around with it. If you go for a fixed length bow tie like the black bow ties from Fort Belvedere, you won't need to adjust anything. Once it's adjusted, throw it around your neck, flop down your collar and button the top button. You may want to pull on the inside so it looks neat. Alright, this is how you tie it. First, the left side of your bow tie to be about an inch or one and a half inches longer than your right one. So, long end goes over short end. Pinch with your left hand. Now, the longer end goes up through the hole and you pull it tight. Now, your right hand, you leave your bow tie here.With your left hand, you hold that end of the bow tie and you bring your index finger between your body and the bow tie and you move it over to create a bow tie shape which you can see here. Now with your right hand, bring the other piece in, the longer piece and fold it over. Now it really looks like a bow tie from the front. So what I do now is I take this part of the bow tie and hold it together like so. Now I switch my hands and what I can see now is that I created a hole back here and this is where this part has to go through. Now I create another bow tie shape here and I do that with my fingers like so, fold it up so I get a shape similar to a bow tie and I just push it through that little hole recreated. Now, I pull the folded ends so it tightens the knot of my bow tie and there you go, the bow tie. If you're now interested in quality self-bow ties, take a look at our shop where we offer exclusive Fort Belvedere bow ties in many different colors and shapes and materials.

How to tie a tie: The Bow Tie

The Bow Tie: How to tie the Bow Tie

Tuxedo & Black Tie Dress Code Explained: How To Look Awesome in a Tux for Wedding, Groom, Gala,Prom

Grab your complimentary copy of the 60+page Tuxedo & Black Tie Pocket Guide PDF here: This is the ultimate Tuxedo & Black Tie Guide for men & the groom and groomsmen at weddings, galas, prom, balls and any other event that asks for black tie, formal, creative formal... For Black TIe Watches, take a look at SHOP THE VIDEO: 1. Evening Scarf in White Silk Satin - 2. Evening Scarf in Black and White Silk Satin - 3. Eagle Claw Cufflinks with Onyx Ball - 4. Shadow Stripe Ribbed Socks Burgundy and light gray - 5. Shadow Stripe Ribbed Socks Light Grey and Light Blue - 6. Black Bow Tie in Silk Barathea Sized Butterfly Self Tie - 7. Black Self-Tie Bow Tie in Silk Satin - 8. Over The Calf in Black Silk - 9. Black Silk Wide Ribbed Grosgrain - 10. Dark Red Velvet Spray Rose Boutonniere - 11. Purple Carnation Boutonniere - 12. Classic White Irish Linen Pocket Square - 13. White Evening Leather Gloves - 14. Silk Satin Cummerbund in Black - Video Content: 00:53 Jacket The classic choice for a fabric is a black wool barathea which is a little more matte and alternatively, you can opt for something navy or a very dark blue, maybe with a herringbone weave, some people even go with fine twill weave or a plain weave. 02:19 Vents The most traditional jacket has no vents which is unusual today because most jackets have either side vents or center vents. 02:39 Pocket Style The most original pocket style is jetted pockets. You have one on the right, one on the left, no ticket pocket. 02:50 Buttons You want black matching buttons that are either covered in the same fabric as your tuxedo or silk, or you go with a contrasting button. 03:10 Lapels Should be faced with silk. 03:47 What to avoid - You do not want a flannel material - Avoid notched lapels - Avoid any two button or three button single breasted jackets - Avoid side vents and center vents 04:20 Trousers You want a matching material to the jacket in the same color. A special hallmark of the black tie trouser is a strip of fabric on the side which is also called galon. 06:23 Vest When it comes to an evening vest, they're very different from your day vest. They have a much deeper cut out so you see more of your shirt front and the studs on your shirt front. 05:31 Cummerbund When you wear your cummerbund, make sure that the pleats face upwards not downwards. 07:09 Tuxedo Shirt It's made of a white fabric usually poplin or twill and it always has an insert. It can either be in Marcella or a pique cotton insert, it can be a pleated front or sometimes just a finely woven pattern. 08:39 Black Bow Tie Never wear a black neck tie, that would be incorrect. The only acceptable color is black and you can go with different shapes and textures. 09:21 Shoes The only two options were a capless Oxford shoe that was laced or opera pumps also known as court shoes with a deep cut out and a bow in front. 10:59 Black Tie Accessories You want to have black silk socks that are over the calf. 11:35 Cuff links Usually black such as onyx or abalone, sometimes, they would come as a matching set with your shirt style. Personally, I also like to wear white mother of pearl studs because it just provides a different look . 12:14 Boutonniere Most classic choice are carnations. White or red will work as well but you can also go with pink or white or any other color for that matter that suits you. If you wear a boutonniere, make sure you wear the stem through the buttonhole of your lapel. 13:41 Hat The perfect hat would be a homburg hat because it has the right degree of formality. 13:56 White evening gloves It definitely provides a very dapper look, screams elegance. For Videos & Guides Mentioned: - Oxford Shoes Guide: - Black Bow Tie Guide: - Proper Pants Break & Length: - PDF Pocket Guide: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to stay updated? Sign up here for free: Want to see more videos? Subscribe to our channel! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gentleman's Gazette Facebook: FREE EBOOK:

The Proper Wear of a Wing Tip Tuxedo Shirt : Tuxedos

Subscribe Now: Watch More: Wearing a wing tip tuxedo shirt requires you to keep a few very important things in mind. Learn the proper wear of a wing tip tuxedo shirt with help from the CEO of Accent Bridal & Tuxedo in this free video clip. Expert: Julius Brown Filmmaker: Melissa Mccormick Series Description: No matter what type of formal occasion you're going to attend, rest assured that there is a specific style of tuxedo out there that is right for you. Get tips on choosing and wearing tuxedos with help from the CEO of Accent Bridal & Tuxedo in this free video series.

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Whether or not you should tuck a bow tie under a tuxedo collar depends on a few key things. Find out if you should tuck a bow tie under a tuxedo collar with help from a professional fashion stylist in this free video clip.

Expert: Brian Swan
Filmmaker: Sean Egan

Series Description: Certain types of formal occasions, like weddings, require men to dress in formal clothes, like suits or tuxedos. Get tips on men's formal fashion with help from a professional fashion stylist in this free video series.

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