November 2017 Furniture Catalog Cheats/Secrets (Club Penguin Rewritten)

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Club Penguin Rewritten Secrets!

Game: Discord: Here are all the secrets, or at least most, hidden throughout the game! From candy game versions to hidden items.


New November Catalog! Discord: Twitter: CPR:

Club Penguin Anime Opening (A Cruel Penguin's Thesis)

The Season one opening to the Club Penguin anime.

Club Penguin ReWritten - Secrets

Please make sure to Comment and Like if enjoyed, and Subscribe for more content! Make sure to go check out SteelCP!: Hey guys! Here are some secrets in-game that will always be around! Make sure to go check them out! Also make sure to check out SteelCP! Enjoy! Song: Club Penguin - 8 - Bit


This video will show you the new Snow And Sports Items for CPR's Winter Catalog, which also includes the Hockey Jerseys, which you can ideally visit Blizzard to easily obtain the Hockey Team Stamp. Here's the receipt for the items to know how many coins you need for whichever item you want to buy: PAGE 1: Blue Hockey Jersey - 450 coins. Red Hockey Jersey - 450 coins. Hockey Skates - 300 coins. Hockey Stick - 260 coins. Hockey Helmet - 220 coins. SECRETS ON PAGE 1: Green Hockey Jersey - 450 coins. PAGE 2: Blue Goalie Gear - 600 coins. Red Goalie Gear - 600 coins. Goalie Helmet - 300 coins. Goalie Hockey Stick - 300 coins. SECRETS ON PAGE 2: Green Goalie Gear - 600 coins. PAGE 3: The Vibrant - 500 coins. Green Figure Skating Dress - 450 coins. Figure Skates - 300 coins. The Sidewinder - 500 coins. Pink Figure Skating Dress - 450 coins. The Sidekick - 500 coins. Purple Figure Skating Dress - 450 coins. SPORT FURNITURE PAGE 4: Hockey Net - 360 coins. Score Board - 520 coins. Ski Rack - 550 coins. Bench - 200 coins. Snowboard Rack - 600 coins. PENGUINS AT WORK: Black Hockey Helmet - 220 coins. Hockey Referee - 300 coins. Silver Whistle - 100 coins. BACKGROUNDS: Ice Background - 60 coins. Blue Stars Background - 60 coins. Hockey Background - 60 coins. TOTAL COST: 10,710 coins. TOTAL COST (EXCLUDING FURNITURE): 8,480 coins. What did you guys think of the new Snow And Sports Catalog and what was your favourite item? Comment down below and it'll be fun knowing what you think! Thank you for watching, and waddle on!

November 2017 Furniture Catalog Cheats/Secrets (Club Penguin Rewritten)

The November/Operation BlackOut Catalog Is Out Right Now On Club Penguin Rewritten And This Is A Cheats/Secrets ,Hidden Locations ,Thing?!?

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