15 Cool Ideas! Unique Staircases Design

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30 Staircase Designs For Small Spaces

30 Staircase Designs For Small Spaces. In case you have a difficult layout situation you might find some interesting staircase design ideas here. source : https://www.digsdigs.com/10-the-most-cool-space-saving-staircase-designs/ http://www.levitate.uk.com/ music : Easy Jam by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100245 Artist: http://incompetech.com/

35 Amazing under-staircase Storage Solutions and Interior Design Ideas 2017

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/csZhlhSXKZE Welcome to another episode of the Amazing Top 10 design ideas, with; 35 Creative Interior Design and Storage Ideas for the Leftover Space under the Stairs 2017. Every storied building has a staircase. Using the leftover space under a staircase is not as straightforward as it may sound. In this video; we explore 35 Creative Ideas How to Use Leftover Space Under the Stairs 2017, you may adopt to de-clutter your home; and transform that leftover space under the stairs to make it more appealing; and functional. You can use the space as a bookcase, a wine cellar, a cloakroom, a children playroom, a kitchen pantry, telephone nook, bathroom, closet, kitchen pantry, water pond, indoor garden, bookshelf, fountain, home display, home office, workstation, study desk, lobby display, seating bench, pet house, mini bar and much more. Watch the video and get inspired. Do you feel we have forgotten anything? Kindly let us know what other creative ideas you have used to optimize the leftover space around your staircase, by posting in the comments below. If you like the video, give it a thumbs up feel free to share. Remember to subscribe for our weekly videos on creative design ideas.

50 Cool Girl Rooms Ideas

Here are 50 Cool Girl Rooms Ideas. Girls bedroom design ideas, girls room lighting, girls bunk beds room ideas. Creative girls room decoration and designing ideas that you may want for yourself. Cool Girls room furniture design ideas.

24 Best Modern Staircase Designs

RunmanReCords Interior Design! Subscribe - http://bit.ly/1rgw89b 24 Best Modern Staircase Designs. Music: Rock Video - RunmanReCords, YouTube Audio Library Amazing Modern Steel Staircase Ideas

14 Example Pictures of Bathrooms Under the Stairs

14 Examples of Bathrooms Under the Stairs See 14 bathrooms under the stairs here. A great place for a powder room is under the stairs. What else do you do with that space? One forgotten place in the house that can be used for a number of purposes is under the stairs. One excellent use for under the stairs is a bathroom. Because the space is fairly small, the most you can hope for is a powder room. Nevertheless, even though you will likely only have enough space for a basic powder room under the stairs, it’s a very useful function for any floor of your house, especially the main living floor. Just because it’s small, and you’ll only be able to fit a toilet and sink, doesn’t mean it need not look fabulous. In fact, with a little effort in design, you can make your powder room really stand out in your home with sink selection, toilet selection, door selection, colours, the walls, ceiling, and of course lighting. Sloped Ceiling In fact, putting a bathroom under the stairs works out really well because often the space will end up with a partial sloped ceiling. Under the lowest point in the space is a great option for placing the toilet because you don’t need as much clearance above the toilet. The key, generally, to designing bathrooms that are located under a staircase is to come up with a very efficient design so that you end up with the items, accessories and fixtures needed for at the very least a powder room in a very small space, often with a sloped ceiling. Center of the Home – Easily Accessible Moreover, because stairs are often built in the centre of the home, or at the very least in a very easily accessible area of the home, by placing a powder room underneath the stairs, that powder room will be easily accessible. The inspiration for this photo gallery came from personal research, since we are considering placing a powder room below a staircase. We are not sure that we will do it for certain to, but we wanted to explore design options to see what is possible in the event we go ahead with a remodel that includes putting a bathroom underneath the stairs in our home leading to the second floor. The result of our research for our own house, is the interesting gallery below. The above bathroom below the staircase is interesting not only because it looks fantastic but notice how it has double doors opening into it which is not very common for a powder room. Another notable design aspect is how the herringbone wood floor pattern seamlessly flows from the hallway into the bathroom. What’s interesting about this powder room below the stairs is how the toilet is placed directly in front of the vanity. In fact, I’ve never seen that before. Clearly it was done to fit this bathroom in such a small space. This bathroom is interesting because the access door is located on the wall extending down from the top of the stairs instead of the side of the stairs which is more common as you will note throughout this photo gallery. Here is a good example of a modern bathroom below a staircase. Notice the wall mounted sink, which is a great choice because it takes up very very little space. Here is an example of a large bathroom under a staircase, with room enough for full vanity built-in towel shelves and toilet. This powder room under the stairs has a sloped ceiling and a ceramic wall-mounted corner sink. Here is a powder room under the stairs and a older house. It’s a fairly basic design but looks good with the white walls and ceiling along with the wood floor. Here’s a beautiful bathroom under a winding staircase. Here is an example of creating an elegant powder room under the staircase with use of wood paneling on the wall along with artwork and a nice lighting fixture. Master en suite bathroom under the stairs. Here is a bathroom under the stairs with some nice design touches including the stone wall and updated basin. Here is a bathroom located under a half landing staircase which has an interesting look because you enter it next to the stair entrance yet it’s still situated under the top half of the staircase. Nice powder room under the stairs with stone wall and wall mounted sink

Here are 15 Cool staircases designs which you may like. 15 Cool Ideas! Unique Staircases Design. Staircases interior design ideas for modern houses.

15 Cool Ideas! Staircase - https://youtu.be/JG741d725-E

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15 Cool Ideas! Unique Staircases Design

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