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WATCH: Nanny appears in court after video shows her throwing baby

WARNING: The following visuals may upset sensitive viewers Simon Sonnekus, Netwerk24 A Namibian woman is facing charges of child abuse, assault and attempted murder after she recklessly threw a baby she was caring for into a cot. Annemarie Theron, reservations and marketing manager at a lodge in Namibia, laid a charge at the Outjo police station in Namibia, after capturing video footage of her nine-month old daughter Laila being manhandled by her nanny. “It was very emotional watching it. I refused to sleep, eat or drink for a couple of days afterward. It’s difficult to imagine how long this has been going on for. I can see Laila is so, so broken after everything,” Theron said. Theron said she noticed bruises on Laila’s neck and shoulders and suspected all was not well. “After that I sat at work, thinking about my daughter the entire day. That’s when I decided to install cameras, so that I could see what was happening when I’m not at home.” She was shocked after watching the footage, and immediately laid a charge at the police station. “It was quite a process, as I had to confirm with a mediator what it would mean if I made the recordings without her (the nanny’s) knowledge. The police were initially hesitant about the charges, but wanted to arrest the woman immediately after seeing the footage.” According to Theron, the woman appeared in court on Monday. The state added the charge of attempted murder. A police spokesperson confirmed Namibian police are aware of the incident, but would not speak to foreign media. Deputy commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi, Namibia’s head police spokesperson, wasn’t available for comment. “I don’t want her near my child ever again, or to pose a threat to other children. What happened was horrible to witness. I realised Laila has nightmares,” said Theron. Laila is currently attending a kindergarten during the day. She doesn’t believe all nannies are bad and says she may consider employing a nanny in the future. Theron says support flooded in after she posted the video footage to social media. “It was comforting to see how many people supported us. Thanks to everyone, family, friends, and strangers, it means a great deal.


Please like, comment, subscribe and share! ❤️ This is nighttime routine that I try to stick to for my 3 week old baby. Even though I don’t bathe him every night, I included it in the video. This was the hardest video to film!! 😂He pooped in his tub twice and I would not stay asleep. So, this is the routine that I try to stick to but, life is unpredictable with a newborn baby! song // Dreams - Joakim Karud instagram// @lultayy twitter// @lultayy17 snapchat// @lultayy17 camera// iPhone 6s plus editing// iMovie

BABY TORTURE :( - 9/29 - 10/1/14

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Nanny is abused by child while mother is not watching

A young girl is being verbally abusive to her nanny every time her mother steps away. Will anyone tell the mother that her daughter is misbehaving?

Lilys shudder attack; baby, infant, shaking, shuddering..

Actually caught one of her shudder attacks on video!! Dr(neurologist) says theyre harmless and shld go away in a couple years TOPS if not sooner. We thought they cldve been seizures or something but he knew them right away which from what ive read is pretty rare for most peoples dr to know about!:) We are in MN and he is a neurologist at the Duluth Clinic. I hope this helps yo ease another worried mother like i was at first!:) - Recorded and uploaded on my iPhone 2g/3g with iCamcorder ( ).

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