How to make VOCALS like Post Malone (if you can't sing) - FL Studio Tutorial

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Using Both Auto-Tune & Melodyne On A Vocal

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How To Sing Any Song - Voice Lessons - Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

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Post Malone - rockstar on iPhone (GarageBand)

Post Malone - rockstar on iPhone X using GarageBand iOS app. GarageBand rockstar instruments used : - Modern 808 drum machine - Aurora Over Iceland (Alchemy Synth Pads) - Classical Grand Piano (background + main) Like, subscribe, share & enjoy Post Malone - rockstar on iPhone X using GarageBand app. Also, let me know in the comments below, what song should i do next? Thank you!

Hate The Sound Of Your Singing Voice - Do This

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This is the most used sound in Rap, Hip Hop and Trap (Tutorial)

Sylenth 1 Preset D/L link: Join and collaborate with other artists at: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In the following tutorial we'll show you what we believe is the most used synth/sound in Rap, Hi Hop and Trap music. Spoiler alert! A Moog style bass. Learn to make a signature sound that many producers like Metro Boomin, Mike Will Made It, Kanye West and artists like Drake, 2 Chains, G-Eazy, PARTYNEXTDOOR, and The Weeknd. Preset included after the break. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks for watching! Leave your questions in the comments below and don't to share and thumbs up this video if you... liked it :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SUBSCRIBE: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SOCIAL NETWORKS: tumblr: twitter: instagram: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MY YOUTUBE CHANNELS; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ **

Hip-Hop Sample Pack:

How to make vocals like Post Malone using autone and other effects in FL Studio. How to do it if you cant sing.


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