roblox trading getting rich live!?

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Como Trocar Itens no Roblox ( Trade )

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Sword Burst Online 2: GETTING RICH THROUGH TRADING (Episode 1)

Thanks For Watching! Check out the game here: If You're new! Subscribe and turn on notifications!!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Interact with me!!! ►Subscribe to my 2nd Channel! ►Join My Discord!! ► Follow Me on Twitter: ► Join My Fangroup! ► My Roblox Profile: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Copyright Notices: I own no pictures, sound effects, or music in this video. I give full credit to any and all creators of the assets used in my videos.

How to Donate to Anyone on ROBLOX!

This is a method of donating ROBUX in which the person recieving the money is NOT required to have Builders Club. Useful for private transactions. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Requirements: -A ROBLOX Account -Administrative Permissions in a ROBLOX Group Instructions: Using the group admin feature, complete a One-Time Payout to desired recipient. If there aren't sufficient funds in the group, then a user with builder's club and the permissions to create and configure group assets can create a new item and set the price to the desired amount, then delete the item from their inventory and re-purchase the item, which will add the amount spent to the group funds (-30% of the transaction or 90% for nbc users). The Person Donating is NOT required to have builders club in order to distribute the funds, but having it helps ADDING to the group funds. Thanks for watching!

ROBLOX: 2017 Recap of my trading.

Started in September 2017 with around 20k, ended off the year with a strong 200k. Good luck to new traders!

Roblox Exploiting Army Group

Had some fun on a non fe game. :D


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