Club Penguin Clothing Codes for CPPS me

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Cpps.Me Code For Clothes

Club Penguin's Final Minutes

Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel for Club Penguin, and other games! Discord CP is still alive at Also Check out my version with commentary and bonus footage for my 10k special: RIP Club Penguin. You will always have a place in my childhood, and most importantly, my heart.

Item Codes in Also in Mirai 2

Part One: Thanks for watching! Don't be rude in the comment section below and be nice to other people. :] ~~~ Social Medias: DeviantArt - AdventureTimeSupaFan Discord - LanaSupaDupaFan Instagram - lanaisapotato Snapchat - lanasupadupafan Tumblr - mylittleadventureratl Twitch - lanasupadupafan Twitter - LanaSupaDupaFan Wattpad - ~LanaSupaDupaFan (Main Account) ~Kaboiiinkers (Group Account) Hair codes

Theres more to come! :D So sorry for the bad quality :{ vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv Songs : Both of us : Taylor Swift : Photograph : Ed Sheeran #TedSweeran :D

I Got The YouTuber Pin - Club Penguin Rewritten

I am one of the 16 people who own the YouTube Pin on Club Penguin Rewritten, I wanted to say thank you! Again, thank you. I don't want to be treated any differently because of this pin, it's not going to change me at all. Special Thanks: Halopona, Nymphae, Rose8213, Charlotte921, Larry!, a1tered, Pengswim, Dadted, Babycrier, Drivr3joe, Lataus, Wicked Wickz, Kohdak, Anthreal, BestKing58, Pingu25430, CartoonCass, Debugger, Zeus and Damo, Purf, AidenManuel, Lost Mitten, Greenux, Rizqin, Dulcssima, chargcat, Ethudkip, Woochop, Congratulations to my fellow YouTubers, Lost Mitten, Savab and Scottyy for getting the YouTuber Pin as well! My Thoughts I posted on Twitter: Well this has completely changed my opinion on the YouTube Pin. At first I thought it was for the big YouTuber’s who get lots of views. Now I’ve realised its for the creative and kind people who define the Club Penguin Rewritten Community! The biggest surprise was @ScottyyLoveeCP who only has 150 subscribers, barely any uploads as he’s only been making videos for a month. Its simply about quality and being genuine! If you want the YouTube Pin, work hard, stand out and eventually you’ll get it!! My videos are heavily community based, so it isn’t just me who deserves a congratulations, there are so many people who helped make this happen! I will be listing them all in a video as it would be too many people to @! It must’ve been killing @LostMittenCP as he had to wait so long for his YT Pin, everyone wanted him to get it, and eventually he did. Remember to be patient guys!

I do not own any of the music. This is only for not club penguin.

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